I am using the following jquery but this does not seem to work. Can someone tell me where i am going wrong.

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$(“.formData”).html(“”);Edited JQuery Function that handles the event

$(“#reset”).click(function (){ $(“#userNameErr”).text(“”); $(“#badgeNoErr”).text(“”); $(“.errors”).html(“”); $(“.formData”).val(“”); });nor is $(“.formData”).text(“”) or $(“.formData”).val(“”) working.


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If the input field has a class name formData use this :$(“.formData”).val(“data”)

If the input field has an id attribute name formData use this :$(“#formData”).val(“data”)

If the input name is given use this :$(“input“).val(“data”)

You can also mention the type. Then it will refer to all the inputs of that type and the given class name:$(“input.formData”).val(“data”)


This should work.

$(“.formData”).val(“valuesgoeshere”)For empty

$(“.formData”).val(“”)If this does not work, you should post a jsFiddle.

$(function() { $(“.resetInput”).on(“click”, function() { $(“.formData”).val(“”); });})Click Here to reset




use this code for set value in input tag by another id.

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$(“.formdata”).val(document.getElementById(“fsd”).innerHTML);oruse this code for set value in input tag using classname=”formdata”

You just write this script. use input element for this.

$(“input”).val(“valuesgoeshere”); or by id=”fsd” you write this code.

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