How to synchronize two scrollbars for divs

The other solutions here don"t actually work for divs with lots of nội dung -- it "maxes out" scrolling down to the height of the div (instead of the height of the content of the div). So they"ll work, unless you have more than double the div"s height in content inside of it.

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Here is the correct version:

$("#div1").scrollTop($("#div1").scrollHeight);or jQuery 1.6+ version:

var d = $("#div1");d.scrollTop(d.prop("scrollHeight"));Or animated:

$("#div1").animate( scrollTop: $("#div1").prop("scrollHeight"), 1000);



All the answers that I can see here, including the currently "accepted" one, is actually wrong in that they set:

scrollTop = scrollHeightWhereas the correct approach is to set:

scrollTop = scrollHeight - clientHeightIn other words:

$("#div1").scrollTop($("#div1").scrollHeight - $("#div1").clientHeight);Or animated:

$("#div1").animate( scrollTop: $("#div1").scrollHeight - $("#div1").clientHeight, 1000);


UPDATE : see Mike Todd"s solution for a complete answer.

$("#div1").animate( scrollTop: $("#div1").height(), 1000);if you want it to be animated (over 1000 milliseconds).

$("#div1").scrollTop($("#div1").height())if you want it instantaneous.



$(window).load(function() $("html, body").animate( scrollTop: $(document).height() , 1000););This grabs the height of the page và scrolls it down once the window has loaded. Change the 1000 khổng lồ whatever you need to do it faster/slower once the page is ready. None of these worked for me, I have a message system inside a web ứng dụng that"s similar to Facebook messenger & wanted the messages to appear at the bottom of a div.

This worked a treat, basic Javascript.

window.onload=function () var objDiv = document.getElementById("MyDivElement"); objDiv.scrollTop = objDiv.scrollHeight; The following will work. Please note & scrollHeight

$("#myDiv").animate( scrollTop: $("#myDiv").scrollHeight , 1000); Scroll window khổng lồ the bottom of target div.

function scrollToBottom(id) div_height = $("#"+id).height(); div_offset = $("#"+id).offset().top; window_height = $(window).height(); $("html,body").animate( scrollTop: div_offset-window_height+div_height ,"slow");scrollToBottom("call_div_id"); for animate in jquery (version > 2.0)

In my specific situation (scrollable div wrapped in a bootstrap modal), a v-if showed new content, which I wanted the page lớn scroll down to. In order to lớn get this behaviour to work, I had to wait for vue to lớn finish re-rendering, and then use jQuery to lớn scroll lớn the bottom of the modal.

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this.$nextTick(function() $("#thing").scrollTop = $("#thing").scrollHeight;) You can use below code to lớn scroll to lớn bottom of div on page load.

$(document).ready(function() $("div").scrollTop($("div").scrollHeight);); You can kiểm tra scrollHeight & clientHeight with scrollTop to lớn scroll to lớn bottom of div like code below.

$("#div").scroll(function (event) if ((parseInt($("#div").scrollHeight) - parseInt(this.clientHeight)) == parseInt($("#div").scrollTop())) console.log("this is scroll bottom of div"); );$(document).ready(function() let width = $(window).width(); let element = $("#YourId"); let positionFromTop = element.offset().top + element.prop("scrollHeight"); $("html, body").animate( scrollTop: Math.abs($(window).height() - positionFromTop) , 500);); When page is load then scroll is max value .

This is message box when user send message then always show latest chat in down so that scroll value is always is maxium.

$("#message").scrollTop($("#message").scrollHeight);see image

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