DemoDownloadDrag and Drop File Uploader Plugin - dropzonedropzone, js is a javascript library for jQuery that provides an easy way to upload and preview image with nice progress bar" /> DemoDownloadDrag and Drop File Uploader Plugin - dropzonedropzone, js is a javascript library for jQuery that provides an easy way to upload and preview image with nice progress bar" />



Drag and Drop File Uploader Plugin - dropzone

dropzone.js is a javascript library for jQuery that provides an easy way khổng lồ upload and pReviews image with nice progress bar. It supports multiple tệp tin uploads and drag và drop uploads.

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10 Best File Upload Libraries In jQuery And Vanilla JavaScript (2021 Update)

10 best tệp tin upload jQuery plugins & JavaScript libraries that simplify the file upload task và improve sầu the uploading experience on the website ứng dụng.


Nice Clean File Input Plugin With jQuery & Bootstrap ba phần tư - Bootstrap Fileinput

Bootstrap Fileinput is an Html5 tệp tin input đầu vào enhancement built with jQuery and Boostrap 3 for creating a nice-looking tệp tin uploader that allows you to select multiple files with image và tệp tin pReviews.


Draggable File Upload Component With jQuery - aksFileUpload.js

A jQuery plugin to lớn help create a nice-looking, drag-and-drop tệp tin upload zone that provides an easy to select, pnhận xét, and upload files to lớn your server.


Flexible jQuery Based AJAX File Uploader - FileUp

FileUp is a simple, flexible, customizable jQuery file upload plugin that makes it easy lớn upload your local files khổng lồ servers via AJAX requests, with several advanced features.


Fancy Responsive sầu File Uploader For jQuery - FancyFileUpload

A plugin that converts the normal tệp tin input into lớn a tệp tin uploader interface with tư vấn for drag"n"drop, keyboard interactions, file pReview, Chunked tệp tin upload & much more.


Multi-file Uploader With jQuery, Bootstrap And PHPhường - Swallow

A tiny, flexible, elegant tệp tin uploader that provides an easy and convenient way to upload local files lớn your server using jQuery, PHPhường, & Bootstrap framework.

Drag And Drop Multi-tệp tin Upload Plugin - jQuery file-dropzone

file-dropzone is a tiny yet highly customizable jQuery plugin for uploading multiple files khổng lồ a website server via drag & drop.

Small Drag & Drop To Upload Plugin - jQuery simple-upload

simple-upload is a lightweight, user-friendly, AJAX-enabled tệp tin uploader plugin that supports drag"n"drop, file validation, upload progress bar, AJAX khung submit, etc.


Beautiful jQuery File Upload Plugin with Bootstrap

A Beautiful & powerful jQuery File Upload Plugin with multiple tệp tin selection, drag&drop support, progress bars và preview images.

Enhance và Beautify Native sầu File Input Using jQuery And CSS - Tower

Tower is a small and simple-to-use jQuery plugin to lớn enhance & beautify the native sầu file input with support for image pđánh giá, custom icons, and tệp tin danh mục.

Advanced Extensible File Upload Component - rg-uploader

rg-uploader is an advanced, extensible tệp tin upload component designed to upload attachments & manipulate uploaded files in an elegant way.

Custom File Input For Bootstrap 4 - bs-custom-file-input

Yet another JavaScript plugin to extend the Bootstrap 4 from controls that help you create custom file selection input with browser button for tệp tin upload.

Drag and Drop File Uploading With jQuery - Image Uploader

This is a simple, customizable jQuery image uploader plugin that features drag"n"drop tệp tin selection, image pĐánh Giá, predefined image các mục, và extension/mime/file kích thước validation.

Easy Drag"n"Drop AJAX Uploader Plugin For jQuery - ssi-uploader.js

ssi-uploader.js is an easy, customizable, jQuery dependent uploader which allows you khổng lồ upload multiple allowed files with pđánh giá inlớn the website server via AJAX requests.

Stunning File Picker và Uploader Plugin In jQuery - Exort

Exort is a br& new & pretty nice jQuery file picker & uploader plugin that supports multi-tệp tin selection, tệp tin pReview, tệp tin size/type validation, upload handling và much more.


jQuery Plugin To Beautify File Inputs with Custom Styles - Dropify

Dropify is a jQuery plugin to create a beautiful tệp tin uploader that converts a standard đầu vào type="file" inkhổng lồ a nice drag & drop zone with pReviews và custom styles.

Zoom/Rotate/Crop/Pđánh giá Images Before Uploading - ImgUploader

An advanced image uploader that allows the user to zoom, rotate, crop, edit images with custom filters before uploading lớn the server.

Validate Image Size And Display PĐánh Giá Before Uploading - imo-viewer

imo-viewer is a tiny (less than 1kb)jQuery plugin for image upload that displays a live preview after you select an image from the local.

Highly Customizable Image Uploader Plugin - jQuery Imagify

Imagify is a lightweight yet highly customizable image uploader with chất lượng control, thumbnail pReviews, custom label và much more.

Show A Progressbar When Uploading A File - progress-upload.js

The progress-upload.js jQuery plugin helps you create an easy-to-style progressbar lớn display the current upload progress when you upload a file khổng lồ the server.

Drag"n"drop Multi File Uploader - jQuery Smart Uploader

A smart jQuery tệp tin uploader plugin for creating a drag & drop area around a tệp tin đầu vào that allows you khổng lồ upload multiple files to lớn the web hệ thống.


Fine Uploader - User Friendly File Uploading Plugin

Fine Uploader is a User-Friendly File-Uploading Plugin for looking lớn incorporate file-uploading into lớn their trang web.

Powerful File Upload Plugin For Bootstrap - jQuery FileUpload

A simple yet powerful & configurable jQuery tệp tin uploader plugin styling with the Bootstrap framework.

Customizable File Input Button With jQuery - fileinput đầu vào.js

The jQuery fileđầu vào.js plugin replaces the regular tệp tin input field with a customizable Browse button which enables the user lớn browse & select file(s) from local.

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Chunked File Uploader With jQury And PHPhường. - fcup

fcup is a simple, fully configurable Chunked File Uploader for larger files that supports both browser và node.js.

Custom jQuery File Inputs For Image Uploading

This is a small jQuery script lớn create custom file inputs for image uploading that features images previews & image name caption.

Easy Multi File Uploader Plugin With jQuery - uploadHBR

The uploadHBR plugin uses Bootstrap and Font Awesome to lớn create a pretty simple và user-friendly tệp tin uploader with tư vấn for drag"n"drop, multi-file upload và image pĐánh Giá.

Easy HTML5 File Uploader Plugin With jQuery

A lightweight yet powerful jQuery plugin lớn create an HTML5 file uploader that features drag"n"drop, ajax uploading, multi-file upload, progress bar, useful options & event handlers & much more.

Multi-file Image Uploader Plugin With jQuery - Image Uploader

A jQuery plugin used khổng lồ create an elegant uploader interface which allows khổng lồ upload multiple image files to lớn your web hệ thống via AJAX.

Drag And Drop AJAX Uploader Plugin - jQuery File Uploader

The jQuery File Uploader transforms the normal file đầu vào inkhổng lồ a drag and drop file uploader with ajax upload, image pĐánh Giá and progress bar tư vấn.

jQuery Plugin For Drag và Drop File Input Field - ezdz

ezdz is an easy-to-use jQuery File Input plugin for creating a drag và drop zone that allows the visitor to drag & drop multiple files inlớn the tệp tin đầu vào.

Custom HTML5 File Input Plugin With jQuery - mn-file-upload

mn-file-upload is a lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin which transforms the normal HTML5 tệp tin input into a highly customizable file uploader with image pReview.

Flexible Multi File Uploader Plugin For jQuery - droply-js

droply-js is a flexible, customizable, cross-platsize jQuery multi tệp tin uploader for both điện thoại & desktop.

jQuery Plugin For Multiple File Uploader - Upload File

Upload File is an easy jQuery plugin used to lớn create a file uploader with progress bar that supports multiple files & drag & drop uploads.

Elegant Customizable jQuery & PHP File Uploader - Fileuploader

Fileuploader is a flexible, powerful jQuery và PHPhường file uploader that turns any standard file input into a high customizable tệp tin selection field with validators và pnhận xét.

Configurable File Input / Upload Enhancement Plugin - ezfile.js

A jQuery plugin used to lớn enhance the native file đầu vào that features custom styles, icons và allows khổng lồ limit the size/extension/aspect-ratio of an tệp tin you want khổng lồ upload.

User-friendly Media Pđánh giá và Upload Plugin For jQuery And Bootstrap

A jQuery based, user-friendly tệp tin picker plugin which enables you lớn select (remove) and pđánh giá multiple local truyền thông media files (images & videos) in a Bootstrap modal component.

Drag And Drop File Uploader With PReview - Imageuploadify

Imageuploadify is a jQuery & Bootstrap plugin that converts the normal tệp tin input đầu vào inkhổng lồ a drag"n"drop multi-tệp tin upload control with files (images) pĐánh Giá tư vấn.

Image Upload Previews Plugin With jQuery And Bootstrap - img-upload

img-upload is a tiny jQuery plugin that allows you lớn upload local or remote image files with live sầu previews, styling with Twitter Bootstrap.

Simple jQuery File Upload Previewer Plugin

A jQuery plugin lớn create a previews area beneath the file đầu vào that allows the user lớn pReviews files (images) before they are uploaded.

Bootstrap File Input Enhancement Plugin With jQuery

Bootstrap File Field is a jQuery plugin which lets you create a highly customizable file input with tệp tin pđánh giá and multiple selection using Bootstrap styles.

Small Cross-browser jQuery AJAX Upload Plugin - pithyUpload

pithyUpload is a lightweight và cross-browser jQuery tệp tin upload plugin used to lớn asynchronously upload specified types of files into your web hệ thống via AJAX.

Drag And Drop File Upload Plugin For Bootstrap - dropzone

dropzone is a jQuery plugin used lớn create a highly customizable drag"n"drop zone for tệp tin uploading with a progress bar.

Customizable Bootstrap File Input Plugin With jQuery

A jQuery plugin for Bootstrap that converts any button elements into easy-to-customize tệp tin inputs for your uploader UI.

Custom Html5 File Uploader with jQuery and Bootstrap - ccFileUpload

ccFileUpload is a lightweight jQuery plugin used lớn generate a clean, responsive, customizable multi file upload UI with image previews support.

jQuery Plugin To Create Image Upload Zone with PReviews - unodropzone

unodropzone is a very small jQuery plugin used lớn create a customizable image upload zone with support for drag"n"drop, thumbnail previews và callbaông chồng function.

Drag và Drop File Upload Dialog with jQuery and Bootstrap

A jQuery plugin which displays a drag và drop file uploader in a popup dialog using Bootstrap"s modal component.

jQuery File Drop Zone Plugin - inputFileZone.js

inputFileZone.js is a cross-browser jQuery plugin that transkhung a normal file input into a drop zone with image pnhận xét.

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