How can I vì chưng this:

I have object that has multiple classes. My goal is khổng lồ get class name that has string(e.g. "toaster") in it (or starting with that string) và put it in variable.lưu ý that I know only the beggining of class name & I need lớn get whole.

Bạn đang xem: Jquery find class name contains


I have this div as my jQuery object, I only need khổng lồ put class name toaster-maker in variable className;

Again I don"t need to select object! I only need to lớn put class name in variable.

javascript jquery class variables select
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asked Aug 6 "13 at 8:12
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Will that class always be written as the last one? – Spokey Aug 6 "13 at 8:16
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So, assuming you already have a jQuery object with that div, you could get the value of the class attribute, split the string into lớn the class names, iterate over them and see which one contains toaster:

var className = ""; $.each($element.attr("class").split(/s+/), function(i, name) });

jQuery doesn"t provide an specific function for that.

If you have sầu multiple elements for which you want to lớn extract the class names, you can use .map:

var classNames = $elements.map(function() }); }).get();

classNames will then be an array of class names.

In browser which support .classList, you could also use $.each(this.classList, ...) instead of $.each(this.className.split(/s+/), ...).

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edited Aug 6 "13 at 8:27
answered Aug 6 "13 at 8:18
Felix KlingFelix Kling
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function(name) should be function(key, name). Otherwise you'll use the index as the string – Spokey Aug 6 "13 at 8:22
Thanks! Another victyên ổn of jQuery's confusing callback parameter order ;) – Felix Kling Aug 6 "13 at 8:24
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A regular expression seems lớn be more efficient here:

classNames = div.attr("class").match(/*toaster*/g)

returns all class names that contain "toaster" (or an empty array if there are none).

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answered Aug 6 "13 at 8:28
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try this,

var names = $("").attr("class").split(" "); var className; $.each(names, function()) console.log(className);

fiddle is here. You can also have className as an array and push the matched class names to lớn it.

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answered Aug 6 "13 at 8:27
Ayyappan SekarAyyappan Sekar
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