Datatables Example, Jquery Datatable Ajax Get Data

$(document).ready(function() $("#example").DataTable( "ajax": "/analyze/List", "columns": < responsedata: "Name" , responsedata: "Total" , responsedata: "Passed" , responsedata: "Failed" > ); );Didn"t work.Is that not how it"s supposed lớn be done ? .

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Here"s the json data format on server-

"responseCode":0,"responseData":<"Name":"Rocky","Total":39,"Passed":35,"Failed":4>Also, I"m an error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property "length" of undefined. Could someone help ? I"m a noob in this.

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Yu are doing it a little bit backwards. Use the dataSrc attribute lớn instruct dataTables that the rows is hold by the responseData property, và refer to lớn each field via the data attribute, not responseData :

$("#example").DataTable( ajax: url: "/analyze/List", dataSrc: "responseData" , columns: < data: "Name" , data: "Total" , data: "Passed" , data: "Failed" >)demo ->


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