Trigger click event of an anchor tag with javascript/jquery



getElementsByClassName doesn"t return an element but a NodeList which may contain more than one element.

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You may vị this :

document.getElementsByClassName("some-iclass")<0>.click();or if you want to click all elements :

var danh sách = document.getElementsByClassName("some-iclass");for (var i=0; iBut as you use jQuery, it would be simpler lớn do

$(".some-iclass").click();but only when the click sự kiện handler was added with jQuery (in other cases, lượt thích for example in case of an href attribute, use the standard dom functions).

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$(document).ready(function() $(".some-iclass").trigger("click"); );
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answered Oct 17 "13 at 11:57

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Simple with jquery $(".some-iclass").click();

if you have a lot of elements with this class - point to lớn the wanted element:i.e. $($(".some-iclass")<0>).click();

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for auto-clicking a button or a link


this works...:)

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if you want khổng lồ autoclick a link and you are using jQuery, you could use

$(".yourClass").click();if you need this to lớn be one link in a collection of multiple links, you could bởi this:

$($(".yourClass")<0>).click();Where 0 is the index of the element in the jQuery object.

document.getElementsByClassName("yourClass"); does not work in older browsers so it"s best khổng lồ use jQuery here for cross-browser compatibility.

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answered Oct 17 "13 at 11:59
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For me, I managed to make it work that way. I deployed the automatic click in 5000 milliseconds và then closed the loop after 1000 milliseconds. Then there was only 1 automatic click.

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answered Feb 7 "17 at 13:01
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