Javascript Set Style By Class Name

Build 1


Build 2


//about 6 or 7 more builds...

I need to lớn access the style of build# lớn change the display...all are originally hidden but I hava java code that creates a string/s (ex. "build2" and "build3"). I have sầu that string saved as "tempKey" in my JAVA code.

Bạn đang xem: Javascript set style by class name

Then in a javascript script:

var tempKey = "<%=tempKey%>"; document.getElementsByClassName(tempKey).style.display = "block !important";

I have sầu also tried adding a class "active" and had that class have the same style (bloông xã !important), plus a number of different ways to lớn solve sầu this. It seems I just can"t access the element right using the java string in a javascript function.


I am accessing the right element, but it won"t let me overwrite the display style from none to lớn bloông xã. For some reason !important is not working...

javascript dom classname
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asked Jul 7 "15 at 21:15
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When you're saying Java, vì chưng you mean JavaScript? – Surreal Dreams Jul 7 "15 at 21:16
No. It is in Java. <%String tempKey = ..... %>. – kb_ Jul 7 "15 at 21:24
Are you using some kind of templating framework? – habsq Jul 7 "15 at 21:25
Have sầu you looked at your resulting HTML DOM in the browser and checked if the style is applied? We would know if it is a CSS problem or a JS-Problem. – D.R. Jul 7 "15 at 21:29
Ok. So in my code, say in the example above the class typeA has a style display of "none". I am trying lớn phối "build2"'s style display khổng lồ "block" lớn overwrite it. – kb_ Jul 7 "15 at 21:40
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Rethành viên that the selector returns an array so you need to supply the index <0>.

var i = 3; var tempKey = "build" + i; var el = document.getElementsByClassName(tempKey)<0>;àu sắc = "#FFCC00"; ul.type-list ul.type-list li.typeA ul.type-các mục li span.b

  • Build 1 Complete
  • Build 2 Incomplete
  • Build 3 build3
  • Build 4 build4

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answered Jul 7 "15 at 22:40
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getElementsByClassName() produces an array of items. You need to lớn index inkhổng lồ it:

var element = document.getElementsByClassName("build1")<0>; console.log(; = "block"; console.log(; .typeA

Build 1


Build 2


And there"s no need for !important because an individual element"s style supercedes all the other styles that it would have sầu inherited.

Xem thêm: Bệnh Nấm Candida Ở Phụ Nữ - Nhiễm Nấm Candida: Nguyên Nhân


The real problem here is that HTML rules don"t allow

elements khổng lồ contain

elements, so the browser is automatically closing the

tags for you, producing this DOM:

Build 1


Build 2


This makes it so that your inner divs aren"t actually children of your p tags. Try using another element, lượt thích divs, for your outer containers.

var element = document.getElementsByClassName("build1")<0>; console.log(; = "block"; console.log(; .typeA

Build 1
Build 2

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answered Jul 7 "15 at 22:34
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This still isn't working. Looking at the resulting HTML DOM in the browser, it picks up that I tried lớn change the display but is crossed out/inactive và shows that typeA wants "none". – kb_ Jul 7 "15 at 22:42
To convert a java string khổng lồ a javascript variable is this correct? var tempKey = "<%=tempKey%>" – kb_ Jul 7 "15 at 22:43
kb_: See my update. And no, the code that you just posted to lớn convert a java string khổng lồ a javascript variable would break if your string happens to lớn have a double-quote character (") in it. I'd suggest you use a JSON converter library of some kind. var tempKey = <%=JsonWriter.objectToJson(tempKey)%>; – StriplingWarrior Jul 8 "15 at 16:50
I will try changing the

. For your other suggestion: my original tempKey is a value that I pulled from an external JSON.. why would I convert it bachồng lớn a JSON? – kb_ Jul 8 "15 at 21:40
kb_: Presumably tempKey is a Java String right? The correct JSON representation of "say "hello"" when JSON-serialized is "say "hello"", which is exactly what you want to have sầu show up in your rendered output. – StriplingWarrior Jul 8 "15 at 22:06
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