Currently when a new links is opened, the new tab is opened next khổng lồ the current tab.

What I need is that it should appear next to the last tab instead, as seen in the snapshot below (position #2 is what I want, rather than #1).

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How can I get that in Google Chrome?




TabsPlus gives you the option to select where you want a new tab to mở cửa - selecting "last" will result in the behaviour you want.



I use Tab Position Customizer 2 for this. When you bring up the options for this extension, the first mix of options, titled "Tab Opening Position" allows you lớn set where new tabs open.

I"ve tried TabsPlus, which is recommended by the currently accepted answer but found that it does not work with multiple windows.

I"ve checked Tab Position Options, which was recommended by another answer but I did not like the fact that it required the ability to read và change data on the pages I visit in addition to lớn requiring the ability to read browsing history. Tab Position Customizer 2 only needs the ability lớn read browsing history (same as TabsPlus).

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(TabsPlus is not working sometimes)

Try Tab Position Options

Tab Position Options empowers the user khổng lồ select the tab order. It is possible to select the tab opening position, the new tab behavior and the behavior after closing a tab in the Chrome browser.

Available options

Activate Tab After Tab Closing New Tab background xuất hiện pop-up window as new tab External links in New Tab
The "New Tabs At End" plugin forces new tabs to mở cửa at the end of the tab strip.

New Tabs At over makes all of your new tabs open at the over of the tab strip, much like how Firefox"s tabs work. When you close a tab, it selects the next tab in the strip, much like how Firefox"s tabs work.

I didn"t like any of the extensions suggested because they all changed the default behavior, when I was looking for solution that allowed me to open a new tab either on the far-right (the mặc định behavior) or lớn the right of the active tab (the new behavior).

Found a solution that worked better for me here -- adding a Chrome tìm kiếm engine shortcut to a simple javascript command:;
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