How To Install Php 8 On Centos/Rhel 8/7 Linux

As we know that PHP is the most important part of LAMP applications (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & media wiki etc). Now a days most of these applications require PHP 7 for their installation and configuration. Main advantage of PHP 7.x is that it will load your web application faster và will consume less server’s resources like CPU và RAM.

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By default, PHP 5.4 is available in CentOS 7 và RHEL 7 yum repositories. In this article we will demonstrate how to lớn install latest version of PHP on CentOS 7 và RHEL 7 Servers.

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This confirms that you have successfully installed PHP 7.4 on your system. That’s all from this article, please vày share your feedback và comments.

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I installed mediawiki using your following tutorial:

it is going good, but when I xuất hiện my browser, it shows the mediawiki page with a warning that mediawiki 1.34 does not work with PHP version 5.4.16. I must have at least PHP 7.2.9. So, I am trying khổng lồ upgrade it. I followed your this tutorial for that. Till step 3, it works fine, but when I use yum khổng lồ install it, there I get an error.I always use the following yum command to install anything“yum –disablerepo=* –enablerepo=c7-media install php”

“c7-media is to links it to lớn baseurl where I mounted my centOS.iso file that contains all packages.” & it contains PHP version 5.4.16.

Now to install this new version of PHP, how to lớn RUN yum command, because “yum install php” does not work for me. It gives me error “unable lớn find the valid baseurl”. Can you please help me out in this.

OR can you please tell how to get the .tar file for old version of mediawiki (1.24 etc).Thank you for your help