Check Imei (Apple Warranty Check) How To? Faq

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Information that we provide on this page we get directly from Apple, so it is as accurate as possible.
On checking page ( IMEI/SN in check report what mean the line "Past firs Activation"?
A thử nghiệm device has been used in apple stores or any other third-party vendor for demonstration purposes. Some stores sell them with 20-30% discount from the retail price & they still carry a one year apple warranty from the purchase date.
This device should have been turned back to táo khuyết when it was replaced under warranty. But it seems the person who sold it lớn you did not turn it back. Device like that are hard khổng lồ activate. So better bởi vì not purchase device lượt thích that.
When you send your device for repair khổng lồ Apple, they can lend you another phone while yours is being repaired. So this device is named the Loaner device.
It"s a device that was have some fault, and the owner returned it back lớn Apple, then they fixed & re-sale it.
Means device was replaced by táo or táo khuyết Authorised Service Center due to a problem with the old device.
The GSMA its global IMEI blacklisting service that has its own base of lost or stolen devices. The thiết bị di động operators nội dung their own blacklist (list of devices that was reported lost or stolen by their customers) lớn a global database. So then they can block these devices in different networks & countries.

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GMSA blacklist has 2 status, CLEAN or BLACKLISTED. Clean - means that you no need lớn worry, with your device all fine. Blacklisted - mean that your phone was reported lost or stolen, & it will not work in most countries in the world. You can kiểm tra the GSMA Blacklist status of your device via this service liên kết (
The reason for this error it"s that we could not get information from táo khuyết servers. Probably they has some technical work. You can try rechecking your imei number iphone after 5 minutes, if you still receive the same error, then better go drink a tee, & then come back for a check!
Almost all devices who have this date are devices that was sold by BRIGHTSTAR or LIKEWIZE. This device was early used & then resold without warranty with permission from Apple.

Apple check warranty you can get on our website for free information about Repairs and Service Coverage or Telephone Technical Support.

Free ATT USA Financial kiểm tra You can kiểm tra for không tính phí imei of your ATT device lớn know what status it has Clean / Unpaid / Fraud / Blacklisted etc.

Do u have question? How lớn do? kiểm tra imei iphone/ipad/ect or kiểm tra iCloud status you can read our FAQ.


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