Html overlay text on image

How lớn put text over images in HTML. Everytime I enter the below code, the text goes under the image.

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That is improper HTML; img is a self-closing tag, as so: Alt text (equivalently, in XHTML: Alt text). – kevinji Aquảng bá 22 "11 at 18:28

You can create a div with the exact same kích cỡ as the image.

Some Text

use the css background-image property lớn show the image


more here

note: this slichtly tampers the semantics of your document. If needed use javascript lớn inject the div in the place of a real image.

You need to use absolutely-positioned CSS over a relatively-positioned img tag. The article Text Blocks Over Image gives a step-by-step example for placing text over an image.

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Whilst Caspar's solution works perfectly well, I've upvoted this one as it degrades nicely. – Sam Starling Atruyền thông quảng cáo 22 "11 at 18:36

The element is empty — it doesn"t have an kết thúc tag.

If the image is a background image, use CSS. If it is a content image, then mix position: relative on a container, then absolutely position the image and/or text within it.

You can try this...

Text you want to display over the image


.image h2
position: absolute; does the trichồng, but a killer for responsiveness – deanwilliammills May 19 "18 at 12:07

Using absolute as position is not responsive + thiết bị di động friendly. I would suggest using a div with a background-image và then placing text in the div will place text over the image. Depending on your html, you might need khổng lồ use height with vh value

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