How do i find out about my php version and specific php settings?

If you have sầu a WordPress site, it’s currently running PHPhường. In fact, it couldn’t exist without it. Considering it plays such a pivotal role in your site’s functionality, it’s important khổng lồ know which PHPhường. version you’re using.


As you can see, the majority of users are running PHPhường 7.0 or higher. However, only a chunk of them have sầu upgraded to PHPhường. 7.4 & even more still use PHP 5.6.

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It’s worth noting that, although WordPress & PHP.. work in parallel, they are separate in terms of version releases & updates. In other words, just because you install the lathử nghiệm WordPress update doesn’t necessarily mean you’re using the most recent PHP version.

Your VPS determines which PHPhường version your WordPress site uses. Most quality hosting providers will have sầu the current PHPhường version available.

However, some still use older versions as the default. The main reason for this is that new PHPhường versions can sometimes deprecate certain functions, which can cause compatibility issues & break older themes and plugins.

However, best practice is lớn always keep your themes & plugins updated. Sticking lớn products that receive regular updates and maintenance can translate to a more secure WordPress site. Plus, it reduces the risk of running into lớn a PHP compatibility issue.

Since it’s critical to lớn your WordPress website’s overall tốc độ và performance to lớn use the highest PHPhường version to date, it’s smart to lớn run a WordPress PHP.. version check on your website. This will let you see which version your host is currently running và determine whether it may be time to lớn update to lớn a newer version.

Traditionally, using a plugin such as Display PHPhường Version or PHP Compatibility Checker was a popular method for performing a WordPress PHPhường version kiểm tra. However, neither plugin has been tested with the last few WordPress releases, nor have they been updated in at least a year. Therefore, they may not be the safest options.

Fortunately, there are a handful of other methods you can use. Let’s take a look at three ways lớn kiểm tra your PHPhường version in WordPress:

The quickest và easiest way to check your PHP version in WordPress is to lớn vày so directly from your dashboard. First, navigate khổng lồ Tools > Site Health:

On this page, you can view the health status of your WordPress site as well as any available updates or recommended improvements. If you’re using an outdated PHP.. version, it will be listed here. Select the Info tab:

Next, click on the arrow to expand the Server section. This will provide you with a handful of details regarding your server thiết đặt, including your PHP. version:

If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to lớn access your admin dashboard, don’t worry. There are two other methods you can use.

Another way you can check your WordPress PHPhường version is through your hosting trương mục control panel. This is a simple, safe, & quiông chồng method that doesn’t require you to touch any of your site’s files.

Every quality hosting provider will danh sách your PHP version somewhere in your control panel. If it’s not clearly labeled, you may just need lớn refer lớn the specific documentation of your website host.

If your hosting provider uses cPanel, first log in lớn your hosting trương mục & open it. Under the Software section, click on Select PHP Version:

When you cliông chồng on the dropdown button, it also presents a danh sách of PHPhường versions your hosting provider supports. This is where you could go to lớn change your PHPhường version as well.

If you don’t have sầu access to cPanel or can’t locate the PHP version information from your hosting dashboard, another option is khổng lồ use a PHPhường. file. This method is a bit more technical than the previous two. However, it’s still relatively quichồng and easy.

First, open your computer’s text editor (such as Notepad) & create a new tệp tin named phpversion.php. Within that file, place the following line of code:

After you save sầu the file, connect to lớn your hệ thống using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) via an FTP client. You can also use your host’s File Manager.

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Once the tệp tin is uploaded, you can view it in your web browser. To bởi vì that, enter yourwebsitetên miề into lớn the address bar. (Of course, replace ‘yourwebsitetên miề’ with your actual WordPress site URL.)

For security purposes, we recommend deleting the phpversion.php file from your directory once you’re done.

If you visit your WordPress site và everything appears to lớn be functioning and displaying as it should, your PHP.. is likely working. However, if there are any issues or an update is required, you can find them listed under the Site Health tool from your WordPress dashboard.

Also, to lớn ensure a PHPhường. version works with your site, it’s important to check the PHPhường. compatibility of your themes và plugins. For this, you may want to lớn use a plugin such as PHPhường Compatibility Checker. Once installed, it will display errors and warnings related lớn your PHPhường version và WordPress compatibility. However, as we mentioned earlier, this plugin hasn’t been tested with the lathử nghiệm versions of WordPress.

The minimum PHPhường version that is compatible with WordPress is PHPhường 5.2.6. Although your host may offer this as an option, it’s not necessarily the best or safest. Other PHPhường versions compatible with WordPress are PHP.. 5.3 – 5.6 and PHPhường 7 & higher. WordPress recommends using PHP 7.4.

PHPhường is a crucial part of your WordPress trang web that helps it run properly & ensure efficient overall site performance. It’s highly recommended that your WordPress site runs on the latest version of PHPhường available, which is currently PHP 7.4.

Use the WordPress Site Health tool from your dashboard.Go through your hosting control panel lớn view the current PHP. version.Create và upload a PHP file to lớn your WordPress site’s root directory.

A major part of keeping your site secure and compatible with new PHP.. versions is staying on top of your WordPress maintenance và updates. At WP Buffs, we offer Care Plans that streamline these tasks for you so it’s never a concern. Cheông xã them out today!

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