10 best lazy loading images, redefining lazy loading with lazy load xt

What is Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading a modern web công nghệ to speed up your web app, improve user experience & boost tìm kiếm engine rankings.

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The Lazy Loading web technology has the ability khổng lồ defer the loading of images or other DOM elements (e.g. Iframes, videos, Google Maps, Youtube players, scripts, stylesheets, etc) when they come into view when scrolling through the page.

Thanks lớn theIntersectionObserver API, implementing the Lazy Loading on your web app is a simple task via a little bit of JavaScript. But now there is an easier way: Native Lazy Loading.

What is Native Lazy Loading

Google will introduce the native lazy loading feature in the next browser version (Chrome 75+).

The new loading attribute which brings native

However, you may still need a third-party tool khổng lồ achieve this feature for those who are using other browsers or legacy browsers.

The Best Lazy Loading Plugins:

In this post you will find the 10 best jQuery và Vanilla JavaScript lazy loading plugins khổng lồ achieve the lazy loading functionality on your cross-browser và cross-platform web apps. I hope you lượt thích it.

Originally Published Nov 28 2017, updated Jan 13 2022

Table of contents:

jQuery Lazy Loading Plugins:

Improve Page Load Time With jQuery Lazy Scroll Loading Plugin

Uses jQuery Lazy Scroll Loading Plugin khổng lồ only load html element (image, text, div, etc...) when it"s visible in the viewport.


Any content Lazy Load Plugin With jQuery - lazyload-any

lazyload-any is a jQuery lazy loader which has the ability to delay the loading of any html contents (for example images, iframes, overflow contents) until they come into view.


jQuery Plugin to lớn Smartly Load Images While Scrolling - loadScroll

A minimal jQuery plugin designed for high performance trang web that has the ability khổng lồ delay the loading of your images until you start scrolling down the page as well as the images are scrolled into viewport, so you can save bandwidth và server requests.

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Image Lazy Loader Plugin for jQuery - lazyload

lazyload is such a jQuery plugin inspired by YUI ImageLoader that delays loading of many large images in long web pages to reduce the load time.


Performance-focused Youtube clip Embed - jQuery embedVideo

A simple-to-use jQuery plugin that helps you quickly embed Youtube videos into your webpages with lazy load support.


Vanilla JS Lazy Loading Plugins:

Vimeo LazyLoad

Vimeo LazyLoad is the sibling project of the Youtube LazyLoad that load Vimeo video player on-demand when the user clicks on the play button và thumbnail image.


Demo Download

Youtube LazyLoad

Yet another Youtube lazy loader that delays the loading of Youtube video player lớn improve the performance of your website page.


Demo Download

Progressive Image lazy Loading With Blur Effect

A small script khổng lồ progressively load images with a blur effect. The script will show your low res image with a progressive blur until the high res image has been loaded entirely.


Responsive Image Lazy Load JS Library – lazysizes

lazysizes is an easy yet robust JS library used to delay the loading of images (iframes, scripts, etc) until they come into view, as well as loading the appropriate sources according lớn the breakpoints defined in the markup to fit any screen size.


Pure JavaScript Library For Lazy Loading Images – lazyload.js

lazyload.js is a stand-alone JavaScript library for lazy loading images without any dependencies. It supports the srcset attribute & with & takes best advantage from the progressive JPEG image format.


More Resources:

Want more jQuery plugins or JavaScript libraries khổng lồ create awesome lazy loading effects on the web và mobile? check out the jQuery Lazy Loading and JavaScript Lazy Loading sections.