How To Set In Html

Set Content - text(), html(), & val()

We will use the same three methods from the previous page lớn phối content:

text() - Sets or returns the text content of selected elements html() - Sets or returns the content of selected elements (including HTML markup) val() - Sets or returns the value of size fields

The following example demonstrates how to lớn mix content with the jQuery text(), html(), and val() methods:

$("#btn1").click(function()); $("#btn2").click(function()); $("#btn3").click(function());

A Callbaông chồng Function for text(), html(), và val()

All of the three jQuery methods above: text(), html(), & val(), also come with a callbaông xã function. The callbaông xã function has two parameters: the index of the current element in the danh mục of elements selected and the original (old) value. You then return the string you wish to use as the new value from the function.

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The following example demonstrates text() & html() with a callbachồng function:

$("#btn1").click(function()); }); $("#btn2").click(function()); });

Set Attributes - attr()

The jQuery attr() method is also used lớn set/change attribute values.

The following example demonstrates how khổng lồ change (set) the value of the href attribute in a link:

The attr() method also allows you khổng lồ phối multiple attributes at the same time.

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The following example demonstrates how khổng lồ set both the href và title attributes at the same time:

A Callbaông xã Function for attr()

The jQuery method attr(), also comes with a callbaông chồng function. The callbachồng function has two parameters: the index of the current element in the các mục of elements selected & the original (old) attribute value. You then return the string you wish khổng lồ use as the new attribute value from the function.

The following example demonstrates attr() with a callback function:

jQuery HTML Reference

For a complete overview of all jQuery HTML methods, please go to lớn our jQuery HTML/CSS Reference.

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Report Error

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