How to download free games purchased from playstation store, how to download video games


Downloading a trò chơi depends on the device you're using và the quảng cáo trên internet of the game. Below are the steps and suggestions khổng lồ download, install, & play a game on your computer or console. Before downloading games, keep the following tips in mind.

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Downloading trò chơi tips

Downloading games on a console


Video game consoles, such as the Xbox One, PlayStation, or the Nintendo Switch, offer a game store on the device which you can use lớn browse, purchase, and tải về games.

To start the tải về of the game, click the button that says Buy, Purchase, or Download. It then prompts you to địa chỉ cửa hàng a payment method if the game costs money, or, for a không lấy phí game, it starts the tải về immediately. Once installed, the trò chơi appears in your game library.

If you have a disc for the game, insert it into your console, and the installation begins immediately. Any updates for the game also start after the game has been installed.

Downloading games on a PC using a distribution platform


Many modern PC games are installed using a digital distribution platform. As of 2019, the most popular platform with the largest selection of games is Steam.

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To download Steam, go to the Steam website and then click Install Steam. Once downloaded, you need to start the installed program. Once installed, create a Steam trương mục with an e-mail address và a password. Upon signing in, the Steam application will launch, which is where you can purchase and tải về games, showroom friends, and keep a library of games.

To install a trò chơi from Steam, click a trò chơi that interests you, which launches the store page for the game. Then click the Add to lớn cart button, and click Purchase for myself lớn buy the game for yourself or Purchase as a gift to buy for another steam user.

Once purchased, the tải về and install process begins. To kiểm tra the status of your download, go khổng lồ your trò chơi library with the Library button. In the Library, there is a menu of all the games you own and show you the percentage of the installation. To view more information, such as a prediction for when the trò chơi should finish installing, right-click the game (or Command+click Mac,) và select Manage downloads.

Other distribution platforms

Other popular distribution platforms include:

Games distributed as traditional downloads

Not all games require a dedicated distribution platform. Some are still distributed traditionally, as a self-contained package. For these games, the game may be available for tải về through the publisher's website.

Games played in the browser

Some games don't need khổng lồ be downloaded at all. Some games run entirely in your website browser, as a web application. These games are usually simple, free to play, & independently produced.