10 Best Free Php Hosting With Mysql And No Ads, 10 Best Free Php Hosting In 2021

Get your PHP site live with the Best không tính tiền PHP Hosting Service given by obatambeienwasirherbal.com. Customize your PHP site with the best modules available for FREE. You can Easily Host your site with no forced advertising with us.

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No Hidden Terms n ConditionsAmazingly PHP OptimisedFree Let"s Encrypt SSL CertificateFree Customer Support99% vps UptimeAdvanced LiteSpeed WebServersSignup Now

Host your website with không tính phí PHP Hosting

Free PHP trang web Hosting with no restrictions.With record speed, performance, and 24/7 support, EasyWP gets your WordPress site up fast.


PHP Optimization

We provide you with the không lấy phí PHP hosting packages after optimised it according lớn your taste và website/websites. For such purposes, we have dedicated a team for developing & implementing

PHP Extensions

We deploy advanced configuration for running major PHP extensions. Our cache our server for running multiple extensions. It helps you to lớn run your site smoothly và hassle-free.

Full Control

We vày not hold you back at all and believe in giving you full control over your website và features. You can configure the website as you may see it fit, while vì not put any restrictions on PHP memory limit, Post Max size, và more.

Multiple PHP Scripts Supported

Many miễn phí hosting have restrictions on how many scripts you run on their accounts, but we vì not hold you back. We allow you to install CMS like WordPress, Opencart, Iconcube loader, various frameworks, and more.

24/7 tư vấn Team

Our company is India based, where we have added a dedicated team for hosting trương mục support, and không tính phí users can reach our team via email and chat option. We answer your queries within 24-hour of the period.

No Forced Ads

With không tính tiền PHP hosting with SSL, we have given you the liberty lớn use services as you like it. Competition is tough, but we know that how clean a free hosting plus NO-AD site looks - SUPERB!

Give More Power khổng lồ Your PHP Site →

You will get the best không tính tiền PHP Hosting Features which will help you grow more and obatambeienwasirherbal.com also helps you to migrate your Data lớn any Premium Hosting Provider.

99% UptimeSingle Website2 Business Email2 FTP Account1000 MB SSD StorageFree SSL Certificate100 GB BandwidthDirect Admin PanelCloudflare Protection
Unlimited WebsitesUnlimited Nvme SSDFree SSL CertificateUnlimited BandwidthcPanel Control PanelUnlimited Business EmailUnlimited DatabasesRegular Backup99.9% Uptime

Why PHP Hosting? →

When you can Host Your PHP Site for free why wasting money on Premium Hosting Service. Take a Look at the Special Features For Your PHP Site


Supports MySQL 8.0

Best security & account management with miễn phí PHP Hosting. Atomic data definition statements. Feel the best performance tuning with legit security optimizations. Avail now khổng lồ Feel the speed.

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PHP Version: 8, 7, 6, 5.6

Get the best optimizations of PHP 8 with obatambeienwasirherbal.com’s free PHP Hosting & lesser the errors faster the response rate. With the best efficiency performance enhancer available for you.



Cloudflare CDN

You will get a Blazing fast performance no matter from where you will request with the free CDN from Cloudflare. Grab the free PHP Hosting Now and get the best hosting service.

Immense Hosting Experience

All the plugins & special features will give you a flawless hosting experience và your PHP site will become slowly start lớn rank better on search engines. Just grab the Best PHP Hosting for your Website.

PHP is one of the most famous scripting language which is widely used because it is an open-source scripting language most suitable for website Development and also developers can embed it into HTML.
Now you don’t have to lớn knock anyone’s store for, không tính tiền PHP Hosting, You can get the best PHP hosting service from obatambeienwasirherbal.com, và with that, you can get your PHP site live. Just login & avail of the miễn phí Hosting Service of obatambeienwasirherbal.com with Best LiteSpeed WebServers.
Well, there have been many major updates on PHP but the latest one is PHP 8.0.8 và 8.1.0 will soon be available in the market.
On obatambeienwasirherbal.com you can Host your PHP site for Free, with the best and the most optimized không tính phí Hosting service available in the market.
Lowkey yes, PHP was introduced in 1995, and it’s been 26 years since this scripting language was introduced. PHP is still evolving so yeah it’s old but not too old.