Get radio button value using jquery

The problem statement is simple. I need khổng lồ see if user has selected a radio button from a radio group. Every radio button in the group share same id.

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The problem is that I don"t have control on how the form is generated. Here is the sample code of how a radio button control code looks like:

In addition khổng lồ this when a radio button is selected it doesn"t add a "checked" attribute lớn the control just text checked (I guess just the property checked without a value). Below is how a selected radio control looks like

Can anytoàn thân help me with jQuery code that can help me to lớn get the value of checked radio button?




First, you cannot have sầu multiple elements with the same id. I know you said you can"t control how the size is created, but...try to somehow remove sầu all the ids from the radquả táo, or make them unique.

To get the value of the selected radio button, select it by name with the :checked filter.

var selectedVal = "";var selected = $("input:checked");if (selected.length > 0) selectedVal = selected.val();EDIT

So you have no control over the names. In that case I"d say put these radio buttons all inside a div, named, say, radioDiv, then slightly modify your selector:

var selectedVal = "";var selected = $("#radioDiv input:checked");if (selected.length > 0) selectedVal = selected.val();



Simplest way lớn get the selected radio button"s value is as follows:

$("input:checked").val();No space should be used in between selector.

$("#radioID") // select the radio by its id .change(function() // bind a function to the change event if( $(this).is(":checked") ) // kiểm tra if the radio is checked var val = $(this).val(); // retrieve sầu the value );Make sure to lớn wrap this in the DOM ready function ($(function()...); or $(document).ready(function()...);).

In your code, jQuery just looks for the first instance of an inputwith name q12_3, which in this case has a value of 1. You want aninput with name q12_3 that is :checked.$(function() $("#submit").click(function() alert($("input:checked").val()); ););Note that the above code is not the same as":checked").jQuery"s is() function returns a boolean (true or false) và not anelement.
123This will return, checked radio button value.

if($("input.radioBtnClass").is(":checked")) var card_type = $("input.radioBtnClass:checked").val(); alert(card_type);
$("input:checked").val()for nested attributes

$("input">:checked").val()Don"t forget single braces for name

Get all radios:

var radquả táo = $("input");Filter khổng lồ get the one that"s checked

radquả táo.filter(":checked");OR

Another way you can find radio button value

var RadeoButtonStatusCheông chồng = $("form input:checked").val();
To get the value of the selected Radio Button, Use RadioButtonName and the Form Id containing the RadioButton.

$("input:checked", "#myForm").val()OR by only

$("form input:checked").val();
Use Below Code

$("input:checked").val();Please note, value attribute should be defined so could get "Male" or "Female" in your result.

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See below for working example with a collection of radio groups each associated with different sections. Your naming scheme is important, but ideally you should try and use a consistent naming scheme for inputs anyway (especially when they"re in sections lượt thích here).

$("#submit").click(function() var section = $("input:radio:checked").val(); var question = $("input:radio:checked").val(); var selectedVal = checkVal(section, question); $("#show_val_div").text(selectedVal); $("#show_val_div").show(););function checkVal(section, question) var value = $("input:radio:checked").val() * margin: 0; div margin-bottom: 20px; padding: 10px; h5, label display: inline-block; .small font-size: 12px; .hide display: none; #formDiv padding: 10px; border: 1px solid black; .center display:block; margin: 0 auto; text-align:center;
By Name only

$(function () $("input:radio").change(function () alert($("input:checked").val()); ););
You can get the value of selected radio button by Id using this in javascript/jQuery.

$("#InvCopyRadio:checked").val();I hope this will help.

I know that I am joining this late. But it is worth mentioning that it takes

Personal Radio ButtonAnd then I checked this in my js. It could be like

$(document).ready(function () $("#MyRadioBtnOuterDiv").click(function() var radioValue = $("input:checked").val(); if(radioValue === "myRadioBtnName") $("#showMyRadioArea").show(); else if(radioValue === "yourRadioBtnName") $("#showYourRadioArea").show(); ););`

The best way khổng lồ explain this simple topic is by giving simple example và reference link:-

In the following example we have two radio buttons. If the user selects any radio button, we will display the selected radio button value in a alert box.


Male Female others jquery:-

$(document).ready(function() $("#Demo input").on("change", function() alert($("input:checked", "#Demo").val()); ); );
& handle jquery for alert as for th e value set / Changed through div id:

$("#subscriptions input") // select the radio by its id .on("change", function() // bind a function to the change event alert($("input:checked", "#subscriptions").val()); );it is so easy....:-}

I am not a javascript person, but I found here for searching this problem. For who google it & find here, I am hoping that this helps some. So, as in question if we have a danh mục of radio buttons:

I can find which one selected with this selector:

$(".các mục input:checked:first").val();Even if there is no element selected, I still don"t get undefined error. So, you don"t have to write extra if statement before taking element"s value.

Here is very basic jsfiddle example.

Another Easy way khổng lồ underst&... It"s Working:

HTML Code:

Hold Cancel SuspendJquery Code:

$(document).on("click", ".active_status", function () var a = $("input:checked").val(); (OR) var a = $(".active_status:checked").val(); alert(a););
var arr = <>; function r(n) var section = $("input:radio:checked").val(); arr = section; console.log(arr) 123456
Here are 2 radio buttons namely rd1 and Radio1

The simplest wayt to check which radio button is checked ,by checking individual is(":checked") property

if ($("#rd1").is(":checked")) alert("rd1 checked"); else alert("rd1 not checked");
Even đầu vào is not necessary as suggested by other answers. The following code can also be used:

var variable_name = $(":checked").val();
Get selected value by radio button Id:

$("input").click(function () alert($("#rdMale").val()););Get value by radiobutton Classname

$(".clsGender").click(function () alert($(this).val()); //or alert($(".clsGender:checked").val()); );Get value by name

$("input").click(function () var rdVaule = $("input:checked").val(); alert(rdVaule); );
$(function() $("#submit").click(function() alert($("input:checked").val()); ); );`
HTML CodeJavascript Code$("input.check").click(function() if($(this).is(":checked")) if ($(this).val() == 1) $("#submit").val("Verified & Save"); else $("#submit").val("Save"); );
In case you don"t know the sepcific name or want to lớn kiểm tra all radio inputs in a size, you can use a global var lớn kiểm tra for each radio group the value only once:`

var radio_name = ""; $("form).find(":radio").each(function());`
For multiple radio buttons, you have lớn put same name attribute on your radio button tag.For example;

Once you have sầu radio options, now you can vị jQuery code like below khổng lồ get he value of selected/checked radio option.

$(document).on("change", ".select_gender", function () console.log($(this).val()); // Here you will get the current selected/checked radio option value);Note: $(document) is used because if the radio button are created after DOM 100% loaded, then you need it, because if you don"t use $(document) then jQuery will not know the scope of newly created radion buttons. It"s a good practice to vì chưng jQuery sự kiện calls lượt thích this.

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