How to get href value property for anchor tag in jquery?

If I have the following tag. What is the best JQuery methodto extract the value for "page" from the href.

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The first thing that comes to my mind is a one-liner regex:

var pageNum = $("#specificLink").attr("href").match(/page=(<0-9>+)/)<1>;



I see two options here

var link = $("a").attr("href");var equalPosition = link.indexOf("="); //Get the position of "="var number = link.substring(equalPosition + 1); //Split the string & get the number.I dont know if you"re gonna use it for paging and have the text in the -tag as you have it, but if you should you can also do

var number = $("a").text();


First of all you need to lớn extract the path with something lượt thích this:

$("a#myLink").attr("href");Then take a look at this plugin:

It will help you handle all kinds of querystring things you want to lớn do.

/Peter F


Here"s a method that works by transforming the querystring into JSON...

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var liên kết = $("a").attr("href");if (link.indexOf("?") != -1) var query = link.split("?")<1>; eval("query = " + query.replace(/&/ig, "",").replace(/=/ig, ":"") + "";"); if ( alert(unescape(; else alert("No page parameter"); else alert("No querystring");I"d go with a library lượt thích the others suggest though... =)

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