I have an unordered các mục & the index of an li tag in that danh mục. I have sầu to get the li element by using that index và change its background color. Is this possible without looping the entire list? I mean, is there any method that could achieve sầu this functionality?

Here is my code, which I believe sầu would work...

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$(...) // gives you the DOM element at index$(...).get(index) // gives you the DOM element at index$(...).eq(index) // gives you the jQuery object of element at indexDOM objects don"t have sầu css function, use the last...

$("ul li").eq(index).css("background-color":"#343434");docs:

.get(index) Returns: Element

Description: Retrieve sầu the DOM elements matched by the jQuery object.

.eq(index) Returns: jQuery

Description: Reduce the phối of matched elements to lớn the one at the specified index.


You can use jQuery"s .eq() method to get the element with a certain index.

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$("ul li").eq(index).css("background-color":"#343434");


You can use the eq method or selector:

There is another way of getting an element by index in jQuery using CSS :nth-of-type pseudo-class:

There are other selectors that you may use with jQuery to match any element that you need.

You could skip the jquery và just use CSS style tagging:

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