I can"t seem to lớn find anything of this, & was wondering if it"s possible lớn store a function or function reference as a value for an array element. For e.g.

array("someFunc" => &x(), "anotherFunc" => $this->anotherFunc())Thanks!



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You can "reference" any function. A function reference is not a reference in the sense of "address in memory" or something. It"s merely the name of the function.

"strlen", "class_function" => array("ClassName", "functionName"), "object_method" => array($object, "methodName"), "closure" => function($foo) return $foo; ,);// while this works$functions<"regular">();// this doesn"t$functions<"class_function">();// to lớn make this work across the board, you"ll need eithercall_user_func($functions<"object_method">, $arg1, $arg2, $arg3);// orcall_user_func_array($functions<"object_method">, array($arg1, $arg2, $arg3));


PHP supports the concept of variable functions, so you can bởi vì something like this:

function foo() echo "bar"; $array = array("fun" => "foo");$array<"fun">();Yout can check more examples in manual.


Yes, you can:

$array = array( "func" => function($var) return $var * 2; ,);var_dump($array<"func">(2));This does, of course, require PHP anonymous function support, which arrived with PHP version 5.3.0. This is going to leave you with quite unreadable code though.

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check out PHP"s call_user_func. Consider the below example.

consider two functions

function a($param) return $param;function b($param) return $param;$array = array("a" => "first function param", "b" => "second function param");now if you want lớn execute all the function in a sequence you can bởi vì it with a loop.

foreach($array as $functionName => $param) call_user_func($functioName, $param);plus array can hold any data type, be it function call, nested arrays, object, string, integer etc. Etc.

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