Format Html In Php

:tada: Install

Search for Unibeautify extension và click Install.See Install an extension for more details.

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code --install-extension Glavin001.unibeautify-vscode

:books: Support

See for danh sách of supported beautifiers.

#BeautifierDocumentation1Blackông chồng.html2CSScomb Diff

:art: Usage

:wrench: Configure

Important: You must first configure for the extension khổng lồ work properly.

Use the Unibeautify Assistant for an interactive sầu cài đặt of your configuration file. Simply select the languages you want & the configuration assistant will walk you though the options available. At the kết thúc, simply download or copy lớn your clipboard your configuration.

:pencil: Example Configuration File

See for details.

Given the following scenario:

Create a .unibeautifyrc.yml tệp tin in your project"s root directory with the following contents:

---JavaScript: # Enable language beautifiers: <"Prettier"> # Enable beautifiers indent_style: "space" indent_size: 2Then look at và for more supported options.

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:pushpin: Default configuration

We provide the option lớn phối a path to lớn a default configuration file, so whenever a project of yours has no, e.g. .unibeautifyrc.yml, the default configuration will be used as a fallbaông chồng.

To enable this, just add this to your VSCode settings:

"unibeautify.defaultConfig": "/path/to/your/.unibeautifyrc.yml",

:zap: Keyboard Shortcut

From Stack Overflow:

Windows: Shift + Alt + FMac: Shift + Option + FUbuntu: Ctrl + Shift + I

:musical_keyboard: Commvà Palette

Open the Command Palette (Ctrl +Shift+ P. or Commvà + Shift + P on Mac) & search for format:


Format Document - Formats the entire editor document.Format Selection - Formats only the selection. Only appears when text selected.

:question: FAQ

How do I add language support for a non-standard tệp tin extension?

This section is for you if you are seeing the following error message after running Format Document or similar:


See for VSCode documentation on file.associations setting.For example, the .vscode/settings.json below adds the .myphp file extension khổng lồ the php language identifier:

"files.associations": "*.myphp": "php"

How do I disable a supported language?By default all languages supported by Unibeautify will be enabled.

You can disable a specific language by setting the language options to false as shown below.

Important: You must restart/reload VSCode after enabling/disabling a language.

Example .unibeautifyrc.yml:

---CSS: false # Disable CSS!JavaScript: # Enable TypeScript beautifiers: <"Prettier"> # Enable beautifiers indent_style: "space" indent_size: 2

Beautified CSS files
What can I vì chưng when a beautifier takes lớn much time formatting?This section is for you if you are seeing the following error message in the developer console after running Format Document or similar:


Sometimes beautifiers are taking much time formatting your file, this can be caused by big files or many settings you have phối for your beautifier, then you need to lớn increase the VSCode editor.formatOnSaveTimeout option to give sầu the beautifier more time formatting your tệp tin.

Just add this entry in your VSCode settings:

"editor.formatOnSaveTimeout": 2000The time is mix in milliseconds, in the example above 2000 is equal to 2 seconds