Lag in MLBB is a comtháng occurrence for players with unstable network connections. Luckily, there are ways to lớn reduce game lag & optimize your gameplay.

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Using both mobile Data và Wifi as well as clearing cabịt in the di động Legends tiện ích will help fix lag issues
Lag in điện thoại Legends: Bang Bang (sản phẩm điện thoại Legends) is maddening. Despite being one of the biggest mobile games in the market, it is one of the few MOBA games that doesn’t require a high-kết thúc gaming device. The updates that come inlớn the game are also designed lớn keep compatibility with low-over phones in mind. But despite all these optimizations, some điện thoại phones face lag issues during gameplay. Here are a few tricks on how khổng lồ fix lag in di động Legends: Bang Bang.

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Turning on both Wifi & mobile Data Simultaneously Will Help Fix Lag

Turning on both Wifi and Smartphone Data will allow your phone to lớn switch to di động Data automatically when you thua thảm connection to Wifi. This will let you connect instantly to lớn your game whenever you get disconnected because of Wifi Issues.

Turn on Wifi & mobile Data Simultaneously

After you make these changes go khổng lồ the Network Setting tab in the game. Here you can see two options that will help you remove sầu lag in điện thoại Legends.

Speed Mode will consume more data but will make your game more stable.Network Boost will make your network stable by monitoring your Wifi và Network connection and switching them automatically lớn the most stable option. This is also one of the reasons why you should turn on Wifi và điện thoại Data simultaneously.
Enable Speed Mode and Network Boost khổng lồ reduce lag

Clearing Cađậy in the Game Also Helps Fix Lag in điện thoại Legends

There is an option in the game that allows you to clear your game cabịt. Cleaning your game cache will free up space in your storage and improve your game performance và remove sầu lag in thiết bị di động Legends.

Heading khổng lồ the settings options, tap on the “Network Test” button.

Tap on Network Test lớn see more options & clear the game cabít.

Tap on the “Cache Clearing” option & proceed khổng lồ clear your cabịt. After clearing the game cabít, the phầm mềm will restart.

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Clearing di động Legends trò chơi Cache

It would be best if you did this regularly to không lấy phí up additional space for your phone & keep it from slowing down và fix lag in mobile Legends.

Optimal Graphics Settings lớn reduce lag in điện thoại Legends

Mobile Legends offers a lot of customization options for players lớn use. This includes options to prioritize game performance at the cost of reduced graphics unique.

Here are the suggested graphics settings that you can follow to lớn improve your game performance và remove sầu lag in sản phẩm điện thoại Legends;

Follow the Graphics Settings lớn optimize your game & remove lag.

Take note that the Camera Height is mix to lớn high, so you have sầu maximum vision of the maps. You can set this to low khổng lồ zoom in on your maps vision và improve sầu performance, but it will affect your gameplay because you’ll be able to see less of the maps.

These graphics options should give you the best performance possible and remove sầu lag in di động Legends.

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Following these steps will help you remove sầu lag in sản phẩm điện thoại Legends và make your matches more stable & smooth. However, it is still advisable to lớn play under a stable network connection lớn avoid lag và keep your games as smooth as possible.

Stay tuned for more guides and updates about Smartphone Legends.


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