How to fix game lag in garena free fire: 6 steps to boost your game

Almost all online games lượt thích không tính phí fire have more lag issues. So to lớn help my fellow free fire gamers fix their lag issues here is the ultimate guide to Fix the lag Garemãng cầu không tính tiền fire. If you haven’t already downloaded Free fire you can clichồng the button below:

Garena Free Fire For Android

Garena Free Fire For IOS

There are three parts to the ultimate guide. The first part deals with the android device settings to fix the lag in the không tính tiền fire.

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Second part đơn hàng with Free Fire Graphics settings. The Third Section deals with Free Fire ping issues.

đôi mươi Easy Settings To Fix Lag in Garena Free Fire

Device Settings to fix lag

1) Free internal device storage2) Uninstall Unused Apps3) Enable 4xMSAA và change animation và transition settings lớn 0.54) Use Game Booster apps5) Clear device Cache6) Disable background apps7) Disable Battery Optimization8) Enable overclock mode và MIUI optimization for Mi Users9) Turn Off unnecessary Services10) Install Garena Free On Internal Memory Not SDCARD

Free fire Game settings khổng lồ fix the lag issue

11) Use the right graphics settings12) Repair và Reinstall Free Fire.13) Disable voice chat when not required.

Free Fire Ping Issue Fix

14) Use wifi for playing the game. And enable aeroplane mode.15) Use a good ISP16) Pinger V217) Toggle Airplane mode on/off to refresh the network18) Use a Gaming VPN

So that was the short answer version of the guide. Here is the ultimate in-depth guide lớn fixing lag in miễn phí fire.

Section 1: Device Settings 

Tip 1: Free Unnecessary Storage space.

In order for you lớn play the free fire di động game without lag, you need plenty of không lấy phí storage space. Online Games like miễn phí fire, generate và delete files in the background when the game is running. If you have low storage space, the process of writing & deleting data is slow. So always make sure you at least have sầu 2GB of miễn phí storage space for không tính tiền fire.


You can learn more about how to lớn save storage space for gaming here.

Tip 2: Uninstall unnecessary apps.

Older và low powered game android devices are not optimized when it comes khổng lồ gaming. If you have sầu plenty of apps, you will have services of those apps running in the background & giving you notifications & taking your precious resources in the background. Stop those apps.

The more RAM & CPU you have sầu for gaming, the faster your game will run, especially for devices with low specs. So, uninstall apps you do not use.

Tip 3: Enable 4xMSAA và change animation scales lớn 0.5

There are some developer settings that can fix lag when playing Free fire. By using these settings, we can get the fps boost we need.

To enable developer options, follow these steps:

Go to your device settings.Cliông chồng on “About Phone”.Clichồng on “”Built Version”” 10 times.Your developer option will now be shown in your device settings.In case if you vị not find it, search on google with your device name. MIUI, COLOR OS, Oxyren OS, etc. have changed the mặc định location.Enable the “”Developer Option””.Swipe down khổng lồ find the following options:Enable Force 4x MSAA. Set Window Animation Scale lớn 0.5xSet Animation Duration Scale to 0.5 xSet Transition animation scale to 0.5xDisable HW overlaysRestart your phone

With this, your Smartphone will be faster than before & will render games faster. This will ensure that your game does not lag while playing.


Tip 4: trò chơi Booster

All the premium phones, as well as the latest phones, have started shipping with game mode included by default. Unfortunately, not all phones have sầu this mode.

The best solution for those who vị not have sầu game mode is lớn use this app — called Gaming mode. It is recommended by XDA & works pretty well. You can also use Game Booster by BGNMObi. Although it has too many ads, it works great. You also get an FPS Counter that I think is a huge bonus.

Tip 5: Clear ứng dụng Cabít cache & device cache

Every application you install in apk generates cabít data that is stored in your device. This data may remain even after uninstalling the ứng dụng, so deleting all the temp files can help clean your device và boost performance.


In the phone settings section, you can delete the cađậy memory, as shown above.

For even more cleaning you need lớn clear the cache of the entire phone via hidden settings.

You need khổng lồ Reboot lớn recovery and wipe Dalvik and cabít. Generally, the volume down and power key while booting will take you khổng lồ recovery. Hold for 5 secs. Search on google the specific key combination for your device.

You need to lớn press: Vol- + power button và hold for 5 secsDo this by following the proper steps for your device.You need lớn select the “wipe cađậy option” only. Do not accidentally select the wrong option & rephối the phone.


This can really make your phone faster when it comes to opening closing apps as well as saving storage space. Hopefully, this will fix your lag in the free-fire mobile game.

Tip 6: Disable autostart of Apps & apps running in the background

Many phones now come with the option to lớn disable background apps as well as disable autostarting of apps. And I suggest you use both options. The more resources you can save, the better the gaming performance will be.

So I recommkết thúc you to disable all the apps.

Tip 7: Disable Battery Optimization

Nowadays, all game android devices come with battery optimization settings. These vị save battery at the cost of performance.

Go to battery settings > open battery saver and choose Garena Free Fire > cliông xã on no restrictions just khổng lồ enable a smooth experience while playing không lấy phí fire điện thoại.

This will disable the battery optimization for không tính phí fire that is responsible for saving battery at the cost of performance.

Tip 8: Enable overclochồng mode và MIUI optimization for Mi Users

Some phones have sầu the option lớn overclock the device. Especially if you have a gaming phone. You also have sầu this feature on some phones like the ZUK z2 plus.

You can also enable features like MIUI Optimization for XiaoMi MI phones. Other brands might have sầu similar options. Do check và use them for better gaming performance.

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Tip 9: Turn Off unnecessary Services

Turn off unwanted services such as công nghệ Bluetooth không dây, ambient display, location services, printing services, & auto-rotate, vibration, & unnecessary sounds. This does run in the background and affects your battery life as well as performance.

You want to use this power for gaming so make sure you turn off all the unnecessary services & functions

Tip 10: Install Free fire On Internal Memory Not SDCARD

When installing any game, you need to lớn install it on your internal thẻ & not your sd card. The reason being you need the best performance when it comes to gaming. SD cards are slower than internal memory always. So to lớn get the best performance for gaming, install miễn phí fire on the internal memory.

Free Fire trò chơi settings and options

Tip 11: Use the right graphics settings

For điện thoại gamers graphics settings matter. Also for those playing games on emulators, you need khổng lồ use the right settings while playing không tính tiền fire. Without proper settings, games will obviously lag.


So here are 4 guides on optimizing the Free fire settings for gaming:

Tip 12: Repair and Reinstall Free fire

Sometimes there is an issue with the game data & APK files. Which might have gotten damaged or corrupted when you updated the game.

Uninstall the game and do a fresh install. It can help fix the lag problems you. Do give it a try.

Tip 13: Disable the mic when not needed

Mic uses unnecessary bandwidth for transferring your voice when you are in-game. If you are facing lots of lag, especially mạng internet lag, then turn off the mic and use text chat.

Although inconvenient it can help you fix the lag issue while playing không tính phí fire.

Voice transfer requires good mạng internet, after all. So turn it off if you have network lag.

Ping issues fix in Free Fire

Tip 14: Use wifi for playing the game. And enable the aeroplane mode.

When playing an internet-based online game like miễn phí fire, sometimes there is interference due to phone signals as well as other interruptions due to gọi và messages. This can cause lag during the game.

When you put the phone in aeroplane mode, all the network-related services are shut off. Now you can enable only wifi with everything else off. This will make sure all the power is used for gaming và wifi so that you can fix the lag in không tính phí fire & enjoy lag-không tính tiền gameplay.

Tip 15:Use a good ISP

For playing online games, you need a good Internet service provider ISP. A good ISPhường can ensure that you get the lowest ping when playing online games.


If you have a fiber connection with 5GHZ wifi and a good router you will get a lower ping then compared to other people with Mobile connections. This low ping can help you fix the lag issue you face in-game & make it such that you always get the kills.

You can also try to lớn make your internet faster

Tip 16: Use Pinger lathử nghiệm version (Experimental may or may not work)

Pinger is an app android & IOS app that helps khổng lồ reduce ping by providing a direct route to lớn access the main VPS. Hence, it reduces additional requests và reduces ping in the game while playing online games

The latest version is Pinger Version 2

To reduce ping issues by Pinger v.2, follow these steps:

Download Pinger 2 from the play storeInstall in your device.Clear all the recent running appsxuất hiện Pinger v.2Select your SCRIPT (Choose a superscript) Turn on và wait until Pinger gets activatedGo khổng lồ your trang chính screen by tapping your trang chủ buttonmở cửa the không tính phí fire và enjoy lag-free gaming.

And yes, I know there are many ads và scripts on the app. You need khổng lồ check which script works best for you. The superscripts are recommended, but they change depending on the device so. You need to kiểm tra and find out. Sorry for the inconvenience but there is no other solution at the moment.

Tip 17: Toggle Airplane mode on/off to lớn refresh the network

Sometimes, resetting your network helps lớn reduce the high ping issue you get in không tính phí fire Mobile game. You can reset the network easily using aeroplane mode.

To reduce the high ping issue và lag in pubg mobile follow these steps:-

During your gameplay, when you get lag or high ping issue swipe down the navigation thực đơn from the top.Cliông xã on Airplane Mode lớn turn it onWait for 10 seconds and again click on Airplane mode lớn turn it off.Your high ping issue will be solved.

This does not always work, but most of the time, it does. If you are already aeroplane mode tip 16, then this will not work for you. But if you are playing using your thiết bị di động connection, then it will work.

You can also try to boost wifi for gaming. 

Tip 18: Use a Gaming VPN

The last resort is to use a gaming VPN for playing games. This is difficult mainly because all the good gaming VPNs are paid.

Many of these VPNs are effective in the sense that they are actually that good in terms of speed và reliability but are expensive at the same time.

So if you can afford it go for it. This is not for all gamers. So be careful. Check reviews and then buy. Performance varies based on areas. So I cannot give a proper suggestion. It might help you fix the lag in Garena’s không tính tiền fire.


I hope this in-depth guide has been informative sầu for you, and I thank you for reading. These 18 tips should surely be able to lớn fix the lag in the free-fire sản phẩm điện thoại game. If you know more methods bởi vì bình luận them below in the bình luận section. I would love lớn help fellow gamers.

Share và support the trang web.

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See you in-game.

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