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It’s expensive sầu, but Samsung’s heavyweight in the smartphone division boasts a wide range of tempting features. We were particularly impressed with the dual cameras, slichồng performance, và S Pen functionality in our Samsung Galaxy chú ý 8 Đánh Giá. As great as it is, Samsung’s biggest and best is not flawless. We’ve been digging around forums and comments lớn find the Galaxy cảnh báo 8 problems you need khổng lồ know about và unearth advice on how lớn work around them or fix them.

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Glitch: Touchscreen unresponsive và phantom touches

We’ve sầu seen a handful of reports at the Samsung diễn đàn và at the XDA developers forum about unresponsive sầu screens and phantom touches. People are finding that they can’t swipe down the notification shade sometimes và at other times touches are registering without people touching the screen.


Using the S Pen seems to lớn work for most people, even when finger taps and swipes don’t.

Potential solutions:

Make sure your fingers và the Note 8 screen are clean and dry.If you have a case or a lưu ý 8 screen protector, it could be interfering with the touchscreen.Try restarting your cảnh báo 8 by holding down the power button và tapping Restart. If the touchscreen is unresponsive, then hold down the Volume down & Power keys together for a few seconds until the chú ý 8 reboots.It’s possible an tiện ích is causing your problem. You can thử nghiệm this by turning the cảnh báo 8 off. Hold down the Power key và tap nguồn off. Once it’s off, press và hold the Power key until you see the Samsung hình ảnh. Let go of Power và press và hold the Volume down key. You can let go when you see Safe Mode on screen. If the problem is gone in safe mode, then you know an phầm mềm is the cause and you just have lớn trachồng it down. Either uninstall one by one và thử nghiệm, or factory remix & install selectively. You just hold down Power & tap Restart to lớn get out of safe mode.We think it’s worth trying a cabít partition wipe for this problem. Hold down the Power key and tap Power nguồn off. Press & hold the Volume up and Bixby keys, then press & hold the Power key as well. Let go when you see the Android hình ảnh sản phẩm. Use Volume down to lớn highlight wipe cađậy partition & Power khổng lồ select it. Highlight yes with Volume down and then select with Power. When it’s done tap Power to Reboot system now.Your penultimate option is lớn try a factory remix, but make sure you baông chồng up everything first. You’ll find the option in Settings > Backup and remix > Factory data reset. If your screen is unresponsive sầu you can press và hold the Volume upBixby keys, then press và hold the Power key as well. Let go when you see the Android biệu tượng công ty. Use Volume down to lớn highlight wipe data/factory rephối, then use Volume down to lớn highlight yes and Power to lớn select it. You’ll have lớn phối your phone up as new.If nothing has worked, then you may have sầu a hardware fault. It’s time to tương tác your carrier, retailer, or Samsung and ask about a replacement.

Issue: Poor battery life

This is a comtháng complaint with smartphones & there are a lot of possible causes. We found the chú ý 8 battery life khổng lồ be good in our Reviews, lasting us a full day between charges even with medium khổng lồ heavy use, but not everyone has had the same experience. There are threads on XDA Developers forums & Android Central forums bemoaning the battery life.


The chú ý 8 does also have sầu a Power saving mode. Go khổng lồ Settings > Device maintenance > Battery and you can configure it and toggle it on. We recommkết thúc tapping Mid for medium power saving mode because it doesn’t impair your Note 8 too much. You can also customize precisely what it does lớn ensure it isn’t annoying.If you scroll down further in Settings > Device maintenance > Battery you’ll see the App power monitor and the Save sầu power button, which can be used lớn limit how much battery life apps are chewing through when they’re not open. If you see any really greedy apps in here consuming a large percentage of your battery, then consider uninstalling them.The always on display is inevitably going to lớn be an extra battery drain, so you could turn it off via Settings > Display > Always On Display. We lượt thích it, but we’ve gotten into lớn the habit of turning our chú ý 8 face down when we don’t need it, so the display doesn’t come on.

Potential solutions:

Uninstall any apps you aren’t using và make sure the rest are up-to-date. Some apps that can’t be uninstalled can be disabled. Open the Play Store, tap the three horizontal lines at the top left, và tap My apps và games, then Update all. You should also look under Settings via the three horizontal lines at the top left in the Play Store và decide whether you want Auto-update apps lớn be on. Generally, we think it’s a good idea, but if you have sầu a lot of apps, then the auto-updates can be a definite drain on your battery.When we’ve sầu experienced major battery drain problems with Android phones in the past, it has often been down khổng lồ something in the backup we restored. If you choose to lớn automatically restore settings & apps from a previous phone, it can lead lớn mysterious battery drain issues that are hard to traông chồng down. A factory rephối và then a fresh install of your apps can drastically improve battery life.Another thing that can cause mysterious issues is using a MicroSD card from an old phone in your new chú ý 8. We recommkết thúc sticking it in a computer or máy tính xách tay, backing up the content, reformatting the thẻ afresh, and then only loading on the files you really need, before putting it inkhổng lồ your cảnh báo 8.

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Problem: Screen burn-in

There’s a slight risk with OLED điện thoại thông minh displays that you’ll over up with permanent image outlines or patches on your screen, most commonly a faint ghost of the navigation buttons. The risk is increased if you have sầu the same static icons on the screen for a long time and you crank your brightness up high. A few forum posts have popped up complaining about this issue on the Note 8. Don’t waste your time with apps that clayên ổn khổng lồ fix screen burn-in, you need khổng lồ tương tác Samsung about this one.


Glitch: Wireless charging stopped working

The chú ý 8 should charge wirelessly on any Qi wireless charging pad, và it will charge a bit faster on supported fast charging pads. For some people, however, it seems lớn be refusing to lớn work. There are posts at the Samsung forum, the XDA Developers diễn đàn, and the Android Central forums.

Potential solutions:

It’s always worth turning your Note 8 off and on again when you encounter a problem. Hold down the power button and tap Restart, then kiểm tra again. That may at least temporarily get it working again.Some wireless charging pads are fussy about your placement. Try moving the chú ý 8 around. If you’re using a vertical stvà, try turning the chú ý 8 from portrait to landscape.Make sure you’re using the cable & adapter that came with the wireless charging pad or with your chú ý 8.Test on another wireless charging pad if you’re able lớn, just to make sure the pad itself isn’t faulty.If your wireless charging is working, but you can’t get it khổng lồ charge faster, then look in Settings > Advanced features > Accessories & make sure Fast wireless charging is toggled on.

Problem: Freezing up

Experiencing a frozen Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 8? You’re not alone. Galaxy cảnh báo 8 users around the world are complaining of phones freezing up on Samsung’s community forums. These reports first appeared shortly after the release of the cảnh báo 8, but have sầu been growing in numbers over the past few weeks. The problem does not appear khổng lồ be tied khổng lồ a specific model of the Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 8, though Android Police reports that SM-N950U units on U.S. carriers, unlocked European (SM-N950F), & dual-SIM (SM-N950D) models have sầu been listed in the forums.

An exact cause is not known, users have noticed the phones tover lớn freeze when using the Contacts app or other apps that pull information from the Contacts phầm mềm, such as the dialer, messaging apps, & more. Several people suggest the issue stems from downloading the Google Contacts app, which may be conflicting with Samsung’s Contacts tiện ích, though this has not been confirmed.

Samsung has issued a statement and potential fix for the issue:

“We are aware of a limited number of reports about chú ý 8 devices experiencing an issue with some of their applications. Any consumer who experiences this issue should update their apps in the Samsung Galaxy Store và the Google Play Store. Any consumers with questions should tương tác us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG so that we can help them.”

Potential solutions:

There is currently no solution khổng lồ the problem, but the following two inconvenient workarounds can restore functionality, at least temporarily, to lớn your phone:

An alternative option (albeit more time-consuming) is khổng lồ allow your battery lớn die và then recharge. While this will take a lot longer, you will likely not thua trận any data if you regularly backup your phone.

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For people who are experiencing frequent freeze-ups, Android Authority is reporting that you can contact Samsung tư vấn lớn arrange an “evaluation và repair.” Samsung’s U.S. support number is 800-726-7864. Users outside the United States can kiểm tra out Samsung’s country-specific site to lớn find relevant support options.

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