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In the Factory Method Pattern, a factory method defines what functions must be available in the non-abstract or concrete factory. These functions must be able to create objects that are extensions of a specific class. Which exact subclass is created will depend on the value of a parameter passed to the function.

In this example we have a factory method, AbstractFactoryMethod, that specifies the function, makePHPBook($param).

The concrete class OReillyFactoryMethod factory extends AbstractFactoryMethod, and can create the correct the extension of the AbstractPHPBook class for a given value of $param.

author = “Rasmus Lerdorf and Kevin Tatroe”; $this->title = “Programming PHP”; self::$oddOrEven = “even”; } else { $this->author = “David Sklar and Adam Trachtenberg”; $this->title = “PHP Cookbook”; self::$oddOrEven = “odd”; } } function getAuthor() {return $this->author;} function getTitle() {return $this->title;}}class SamsPHPBook extends AbstractPHPBook { private $author; private $title; function __construct() { //alternate randomly between 2 books mt_srand((double)microtime()*10000000); $rand_num = mt_rand(0,1); if (1 > $rand_num) { $this->author = “George Schlossnagle”; $this->title = “Advanced PHP Programming”; } else { $this->author = “Christian Wenz”; $this->title = “PHP Phrasebook”; } } function getAuthor() {return $this->author;} function getTitle() {return $this->title;}}class VisualQuickstartPHPBook extends AbstractPHPBook { private $author; private $title; function __construct() { $this->author = “Larry Ullman”; $this->title = “PHP for the World Wide Web”; } function getAuthor() {return $this->author;} function getTitle() {return $this->title;}} writeln(“START TESTING FACTORY METHOD PATTERN”); writeln(“”); writeln(“testing OReillyFactoryMethod”); $factoryMethodInstance = new OReillyFactoryMethod; testFactoryMethod($factoryMethodInstance); writeln(“”); writeln(“testing SamsFactoryMethod”); $factoryMethodInstance = new SamsFactoryMethod; testFactoryMethod($factoryMethodInstance); writeln(“”); writeln(“END TESTING FACTORY METHOD PATTERN”); writeln(“”); function testFactoryMethod($factoryMethodInstance) { $phpUs = $factoryMethodInstance->makePHPBook(“us”); writeln(“us php Author: “.$phpUs->getAuthor()); writeln(“us php Title: “.$phpUs->getTitle()); $phpUs = $factoryMethodInstance->makePHPBook(“other”); writeln(“other php Author: “.$phpUs->getAuthor()); writeln(“other php Title: “.$phpUs->getTitle()); $phpUs = $factoryMethodInstance->makePHPBook(“otherother”); writeln(“otherother php Author: “.$phpUs->getAuthor()); writeln(“otherother php Title: “.$phpUs->getTitle()); } function writeln($line_in) { echo $line_in.”“; }?>OutputSTART TESTING FACTORY METHOD PATTERNtesting OReillyFactoryMethodus php Author: Rasmus Lerdorf and Kevin Tatroeus php Title: Programming PHPother php Author: George Schlossnagleother php Title: Advanced PHP Programmingotherother php Author: David Sklar and Adam Trachtenbergotherother php Title: PHP Cookbooktesting SamsFactoryMethodus php Author: Christian Wenzus php Title: PHP Phrasebookother php Author: Rasmus Lerdorf and Kevin Tatroeother php Title: Programming PHPotherother php Author: Larry Ullmanotherother php Title: PHP for the World Wide WebEND TESTING FACTORY METHOD PATTERN

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