30 Free Responsive Email & Newsletter Templates

There is an abundance of resources from where you can get a creative and free email newsletter designs. However, this post brings you a list of sites that not only provide high-quality and không tính phí newsletter templates but also don’t require any sign-up or registration (though some sites require your e-mail address to send you tải về link).

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Also lưu ý that this menu doesn’t include email sale services like Mailchimp, or campaign Monitor, etc. That vì chưng provide miễn phí newsletters, however, only if you sign up lớn their services. Let’s take a look.

Free Business Newsletter Templates
Free Business Newsletter Templates

Business newsletters are not a new source of business promotion, however, the way they"re designed needs to be...Read more


They create Premium Designs & Documents for our users at Template.net. They are a worldwide group of programmers, artists, designers, lawyers, marketers, và writers.

Why start from the beginning when you can get your work done more quickly with there? A massive collection of 100,000+ professionally designed, instantly downloadable, ready-made templates that are readily editable, shareable, và printable. Browse, search, save, and download our simple templates.


On this website, you can get 3 không tính tiền beautiful, customizable and fully responsive templates available in HTML & PSD formats. Just enter your email address & the download link will be sent lớn you.


This site offers 30+ không tính phí and high-quality newsletter templates ranging from businesses to special events and education etc. Each template has different màu sắc schemes and there’s no need khổng lồ register for downloading.

Crafting Emails

Here you’ll find 10 miễn phí and ceratively designed newsletter templates. All the designs are fully customizable & are available in Sketch & Figma formats.


This site features high-quality, minimalist newsletter templates that work with any mailing service. Just enter email to download the file & modify it according khổng lồ your needs.


A collection of 45 không lấy phí responsive email templates created by professional designers. The templates range from e-mail newsletters, promotional emails, và personal notification emails. You can get them by entering your thư điện tử address.

Sketchapp Resource

Here are some amazing không tính tiền newsletter templates for your sketch app. All the template feature a neat design and you can tải về them directly lớn your computer.

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This site offers 11 highly customizable responsive thư điện tử templates in HTML format. Though these templates are a bit basic in design, however, they offer an array of options khổng lồ choose from.

Email Monks

Here are some thư điện tử newsletter templates designed for Mailchimp email marketing service. These templates are responsive, easily editable (with Mailchimp Template Editor), và come with customizable sections.


This site features 20+ miễn phí templates with modern design and clean layout. You can tải về them diretly and modify yourself, or customize them via their online editor before downloading.

Here’s more..Benchmark Email

A collection of 6 nicely designed thư điện tử newsletter templates that can go with a number of themes. All templates are responsive, come in HTML format and can be tải về for free.


Here are 10+ free, high-quality và fully responsive thư điện tử templates that can be customized and used as e-mail newsletters. All template designs are simple & ready to tải về in HTML format.


A collection of không lấy phí email newsletter templates that are multi-purpose & beautifully designed. You vì have to lớn sign in khổng lồ their trang web to tải về the templates.


Here is a simple one-piece email newsletter template that supports most email clients like AOL, gmail, yahoo, and outlook. The template is fully responsive & comes in different layout options

single column, 2 columns and 3 columns.


Here is a collection of 16 thư điện tử templates that can be customized into e-mail newsletters for your customers. The templates are modern, simple, fully responsive, and can be directly downloaded lớn your computer.


If you still haven’t found anything that may come up lớn your expectation, you can always check github that has loads of miễn phí and good unique newsletter templates.