Edgy Là Gì, Nghĩa Của Từ Edgy Trong Tiếng Việt

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The programming of the channel is now more impulsive, interactive và action oriented with a younger & edgier attitude.
Though the programmes were never in direct competition, some found the latter show fresher và edgier.
The album featured an edgier sound, thanks partly khổng lồ the live sầu in studio way the songs were recorded.
Though the programs were never in direct competition, some found the latter show fresher and edgier.
Levy also commented on the trachồng, and described it as definitely edgier, it"s more grown-up, it"s more developed và it"s sexier.
The album maintains a similar style khổng lồ its predecessor with deep-groove sầu, beatbox funk, nods to soul-jazz and gospel though music critics at the time noted it"s grittier, edgier approach.
Within a few years, the station"s ratings began to erode as the edgier fare waned in popularity and as those who enjoyed the more classic alternative sầu sound turned elsewhere.
By the mid-1990s, major corporations were sponsoring events and adopting the scene"s music & fashion for their edgier advertising, making the scene become more commercialized.

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A lot of the sappy ballads that impaired their previous outings are abandoned in favor of edgier, techno-flavored jams, resulting in a more modern and forward-sounding effort.
Initially, two ideas for the storyline arose, one which was a little gentler & one which was edgier, and in the over the latter option was finalised.
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