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I want khổng lồ display an alert box showing a message with PHP.

Here is my PHP code:

"; emang đến "alert(message successfully sent)"; //not showing an alert box. echo ""; exit; ?>

But it is not working.

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Why do you want header("Location:form.php") at the top? If you want to redirect the user to khung.php AFTER the alert, you should just redirect the user in the Javascript as such : echo 'location.href="form.php"'; – ashiina Dec 12 "12 at 10:39
Look what you have sầu written => echo 'alery(message successfully sent)'; //not showing an alert box. It should be alery not akery. – Pratik Mar 10 "14 at 5:01

use this code

emang đến "";

The problem was:

you missed " It should be alert not alery
changed it but still not working. – prakash_d22 Dec 12 "12 at 10:17
prakash_d22 have sầu you tried to debug it in firebug because the code is correct. – Yogesh Suthar Dec 12 "12 at 10:19
Yes I know the code is fine, but I am not getting the alert box.Is it because of header/exit clause? – prakash_d22 Dec 12 "12 at 10:21
prakash_d22 may be it was causing problem. Try to lớn bình luận it and try. – Yogesh Suthar Dec 12 "12 at 10:23
How can I print the value of variable in the message? – zar Sep 18 "15 at 18:29

Try this:

Define a funciton:

gọi it lượt thích this:

& also this eđến '";

When I just run this as a page

"; emang đến "alert("message successfully sent")"; emang đến ""; exit;

it works fine.

What version of PHP are you running?

Could you try echoing something else after: $testObject->split_for_sms($Chat);

Maybe it doesn"t get to that part of the code? You could also try these with the other function calls to kiểm tra where your program stops/is getting to lớn.

Hope you get a bit further with this.

this code worked for me eđến (""); – prakash_d22 Dec 12 "12 at 10:40
So you're echoing the whole string as a whole. Does your whole page + function calls run okay now? – CE_REAL Dec 12 "12 at 10:42
yes thanks everyone for help.. – prakash_d22 Dec 13 "12 at 12:14

I don"t know about php but i belive the problem is from this :

emang lại "";
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