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a game by Rockstar Games
Platforms: XBox, PC, Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 2 Review, 7 Review are shown
User Rating: 7.1/10 - 391 votes
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Grvà Theft Auto lớn is one, if not the most successful video game franchises in the world. Everyone has played or at least heard of the series, for better or for worse. And while Gr& Theft Aukhổng lồ V is one of the most successful games in the world, Grvà Theft Auto: Vice City is still one of the most popular titles in the series.


The key khổng lồ success

The open-world mechanics in the GTA series is one of its most popular aspects. But not only it"s about the open world, but it"s also about the freedom it allows. The player can do anything they want whether it is to lớn drive around town, explore the map, or maybe blowing cars up và escaping from the police.

Crazy car chases, action scenes, và even military màn chơi destruction. Gr& Theft Auto: Vice City was one of the biggest upgrades for the series. Coming directly after Gr& Theft Aukhổng lồ 3, this title took everything khổng lồ the next level.


In an "80s setting, Rockstar brought us this amazing experience full of everything that made the "80s cool. The nightclubs, the sexy women, the music, the cars, & even the pizza. Every little detail screams the "80s in this game.

It was a refreshing experience to see such an amazing story, with well-written characters & cool missions into a game that offers you all the freedom you could ask for. Even the voice acting was excellent in this title, the main character is voiced by Ray Liotta, the real Ray Liotta from Goodfellas!


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System requirements: PC compatible Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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Game Reviews

Selling over six million copies and gaining huge acclaim for its open-ended shooting "n" driving gameplay, Grvà Theft Aukhổng lồ III could only be called a phenomenon. Developer DMA Design - recently renamed Rockstar North - has now created GTA: Vice City, a glorious celebration of kitsch "80s culture replete with cool cars, sexy women, drug gangs và poodle rock.

Vice City follows the exploits of lead character Tommy Vercetti - voiced by Goodfellas actor Ray Liotta - as he begins his rise khổng lồ the top of the criminal tree. There are far more vehicles than before, including the long-anticipated addition of motorcycles, which let you zip in & out of traffic and throw you off painfully if you crash. You can also steal various boats, remote-controlled vehicles andbest-of-all, helicopters, which give you fantastic views of Vice City as well as allowing you khổng lồ slice people up with the deadly spinning blades.

Vice City also manages lớn improve on the mission variety in GTA3, even adding indoor locations such as cheesy nightclubs. You"ll still be able lớn complete the xe taxi, police and ambulance missions of the previous game, along with the all-new pizza deliveries. Otherhighlights include a murderous rampage with a buggy on a golfcourse, protecting your crew in a Haitian drug giảm giá khuyến mãi and brutally carving through traitorous gang members with a chainsaw. Another smart addition is the taxi that waits outside a police station or hospital, always ready to lớn take you baông chồng to the last mission if you"re busted or wasted.

Graphically, Rockstar has perfectly captured the 1986 Miami Vice look, with neon-lit buildings on streets lined with palm trees. Characters wear clothes from the period, so you"ll see pedestrians with Relax" T-shirts and gangsters sporting pastel shirts và white jackets with the sleeves rolled up. Add khổng lồ that a magnificent collection of seven comedy radio stations playing more than 80 classic tunes from the period & you have sầu an ultraviolent sequel that"s set to surpass the original in every way. In a word: fresh.

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In Summary

After stealing cars, killing police & blowing up rival gangs in GTA III you"ve sầu been festering in maximum security for a few years. Stupidly, the authorities believe you"ve been rehabilitated & let you back into lớn Liberty City. Fearing reprisals, your trùm Sonny Forelli sends you lớn Vice City, but it turns out lớn be a set-up. Penniless & on your own it"s time lớn start taking on new missions and generally tearing the place a new arsehole...

What"s The Big Deal?

GTA III is one of our favourite games of all time, not to mention killing off the argument about linear vs freekhung games in a single stroke. It was both, with brilliant gameplay, anarchic humour & a vast city that appeared to lớn live its own life. You can expect more of the same from Vice City, along with new vehicles, a larger playing area và some seriously whacked-out shirts.

It"s Easy To look back & laugh, but the "80s were truly screwed. I rethành viên watching the transformation of gay-bashing lager-swilling thugs inlớn style icons with pink cardigans, no socks and, most disturbing of all, back-perms. They still fought and they still drank, they just looked lượt thích freaks, và if the blame can be pointed anywhere it"s got lớn be at the door of Miami Vice, an MTV-style cop show hybrid that made Jan Hammer a household name.

Undeniably cool, it was also slichồng & heavily stylised. One of the show"s rules was no bricks, no reds và no browns", an edict ignored by game designers ever since. But with sunshine, drugs và alligators called Elvis in the phối, it seems lượt thích the perfect show khổng lồ build a game around, & who better lớn bởi vì so than Rockstar Games? For the past six months they"ve been doing their research into lớn the misguided glitz & glamour of the era (even going so far as lớn tương tác fan site for fashion tips), for a top-secret project now officially unveiled as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Picking up where GTA III left off, you"ve just been released from maximum security, bachồng onto the streets of Liberty City. Your boss, Sonny Forelli, thinks it"s best if you take a vacation & ships you down khổng lồ Vice City, which Rockstar promises is going khổng lồ be two và a half times bigger than Liberty City with three times as many pedestrians, inhabitable interiors such as shopping malls & nightclubs, và more than 100 vehicles (compared khổng lồ the 40 you could jaông chồng in GTA III), with the introduction of motorbikes and roller-blading chicks.

It might sound like a buổi tiệc ngọt but unfortunately it turns out khổng lồ be a set-up, leaving you homeless and penniless, and you"ll have sầu lớn take on three times as many missions as you had to lớn complete khổng lồ get to lớn the top of Liberty City. Luckily in-oto entertainment is a big part of the game again, with around 10 hours of radio chat and music. You can expect lớn hear up khổng lồ 90 licensed tracks from the "80s, along with new spiel from the DJ chat kings, which is as good a reason to lớn buy Wee City as the game itself. If you didn"t play the last game (there are a few of you out there, apparently) you"ll have khổng lồ take our word for it that the radio talk shows are genuinely hilarious & actually prompted us khổng lồ drive sầu into lớn a quiet lay-by just khổng lồ have a listen. When was the last time a game made you laugh for the right reasons?

Of course the real question is when is the damn thing going lớn be released? Due to ship on PS2 in November, we"re convinced we"re not going to have khổng lồ putup with the same sort of wait we had lớn endure for GTA3 .but don"t expect khổng lồ see it on the shelves this side of Christmas.

reggie posted a review

Mr Mister"s rock anthem Broken Wings is currently playing on an eternal loop inside my brain as I write this review. That"s the effect that Rockstar"s awesome 18-rated crim-sim has when you play it -total immersion in a believable city, mix lớn a soundtrack of the best 1980s chart hits và cult classics. Put simply, Grvà Theft Auto: Vice City is one of the greademo videogames ever made, & now in another celebration of that decade of excess, us lucky PC gamers can play the definitive sầu 12-inch reset version.Vice City basically takes what was so good about last year"s action blockbuster GTA III and improves it even more, doubling the kích thước of the Liberty Citi playing area, introducing fantastic new vehicles handle differently, offering greater variety of missions anallowing you to buy and enter property và businesses.

Much has been discussed already about Gr& Theft Aulớn Ill"s open-plan design that offers players the freedom lớn express themselves in whatever violent/funny/nasty/silly ways they want, as well as completing missions for clients - Vice City expands on that tradition with even more mad stuff to lớn vì chưng. Carjacking - dragging innocent people out of their vehicle & stealing it - was always the backbone of the series & now in addition khổng lồ the new types of cars, tanks, buses, trucks, boats và planes, budding thieves can also take control of helicopters và motorbikes.

Big Choppers

Helicopters are opened up to lớn you after completing certain missions and are a real treat, allowing you lớn take off from your private heliPad on the roof of your newly-acquired mansion và enjoy spectacular views of Vice City from the air. However, it"s more fun of course, khổng lồ cause absolute mayhem, so we can highly recommend smashing them into random vehicles or landing them clumsily in the middle of crowded shopping centres, và watch as the fast-moving blades chop innocent shoppers into human pate. Hilarious.

Yep, the handling of all the vehicles is superb, but special mention has to be made of the new motorbikes & scooters, which feel just perfect when you"re screeching around corners and zig-zagging between other road users at frightening speed. You can cleverly move Tommy"s bodyweight on any twowheeler, so leaning baông xã while accelerating pulls wheelies & tipping forward stands hyên up, plus you can also carry a weapon và shoot at people around you as well as carry passengers on the bachồng during jobs - very cool. However, you now have lớn be wary of hitting anything, as you can be thrown violently off the xe đạp & inkhổng lồ the air, causing health damage when you and your passenger tumble along the tarmac & smaông xã into lớn buildings & vehicles.

Mission Incredible

As with GTA III, the way you earn more cash lớn buy ever more exotic và lethal weaponry - and now in Vice City, businesses and property - is khổng lồ complete missions for various clients. Missions are triggered by looking at your bản đồ in the bottom left-hvà corner of the screen, deciding which person you wish khổng lồ work for & searching them out - a shimmering pinkish glow on - screen at a location signifying a cut-scene and a commission for a job.

Missions begin with basic hoodlum stuff, such as roughing up jury members, but eventually lead onto lớn jobs that include tricky multiple tasks such as luring policemen into a garage, stealing their clothes & infiltrating a gangland raid to lớn set off explosives. Along the way you"ll meet dodgy characters lượt thích property magnate Avery Carrington, playboy & smuggler Colonel Juan Cortez, a Scottish rochồng group called Love sầu Fist and dirty movie producer Steve Scott.

Each of the missions demonstrates Wee City"s great imagination và creativity when it comes to game thiết kế, meaning you really don"t know what type of fun you"ll be having next. Highlights include a "Nam-styie first-person helicopter raid on an enemy"s house, a radio-controlled plane bombing run on some drug dealer"s boats, a manic chase around a golf course on golf carts và a Hell"s Angel-style motorbike race.

After completing a successful mission you"re rewarded with an immensely satisfying music sting và a lump of cash khổng lồ stiông xã under your mattress. As you increase your money staông xã, you can eventually start buying up property in Vice City for your own crooked little empire, investing in bigger & more extravagant bachelor pads, and businesses such as the strip joint Pole Position.

Some properties - such as the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company - kết thúc up being a front for a drugs business, where you can earn dosh by selling your special 99s khổng lồ the public or by dropping by và collecting profits from the premises every few days. Other businesses, such as InterGlobal Films, unloông xã new missions and ways to lớn increase your grip on the town - & include people such as "movie actress" Candy Suxxx, played in the game by real-life porn lady Jenmãng cầu Jameson.

Tommy"s Guns

And that"s not all. Tommy can also enjoy the myriad of other side-missions & objectives in Vice City, including pizza delivery boy, taxi driver, ambulance driver, fireman and vigilante. To help achieve all these objectives, Vice City is packing more heat than ever, with a host of weaponry organised inlớn categories, so you can only carry one of each type in your total cađậy of nine.

New weapons include the horrible chainsaw that rips through people splashing the screen with blood, và a samurai sword that can lop heads off with one sharp swish. You can again fire certain guns from vehicles (including bikes) for drive-by shootings, but in addition you can also now tactically hit targets through oto windows và blast tyres sending vehicles careering out of control - a technique that"s used in the game by police with "stingers".

The GTA police force certainly hasn"t mellowed since the last game - in fact, you have lớn be more vigilant of your "Wanted" rating, signified again by six stars in the top-right of the screen. As you commit crimes, the more stars you light up, the more aggressive sầu the law enforcement officers will become. Get khổng lồ three stars và they skết thúc the police helicopter after you - six stars, & the army will pay a visit in a tank. As in GTA III, if you get busted, you"re taken to the nearest police station & have all your weapons confiscated, before your dodgy lawyer has time lớn spring you from jail.

Naughty But Vice

Avoiding the authorities is almost a mini-game in itself. If you are frustrated and can"t complete a mission, why not go on a goodold-fashioned killing spree around the đô thị for fun? Steal a motorxe đạp, drive it inkhổng lồ a crowd of people và smash it up. Buy an Uzi & start indiscriminately spraying the neighbourhoods with bullets, before stealing an ambulance when it arrives và squishing as many innocent roller-skaters as you can.

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Vice City is literally bursting with laugh-out-loud surprises và genuine great gaming moments. You can search out the many areas for spectacular vehicle jumps again, as in the last GTA, complete with slo-mo camera angles and Insane Stunt Bonuses, plus there are 100 hidden packages to discover & psychopathic Rampage missions. Then there"s the dirt bike tracks, the different clothing for Tommy, the lap dances where you can watch girls jiggle about while your money goes down, as well as the old triông xã of picking up the naughty ladies of the night & heading to a secluded spot for a bit of the other. There"s just so much stuff in there - you"ll be playing Vice City for months as it has at least 50-60 hours of standard gameplay.

The Al of NPCs and other vehicles is sometimes a little suspect, with cops suddenly stopping looking for you và pedestrians jumping inkhổng lồ the path of your vehicle in an apparent suicide attempt. However, it"s good enough khổng lồ create a feeling of being in a large city and there are more random events now, so cars will beep at you, people can shout abuse or ask questions, gangland shootouts will suddenly break out and traffic accidents occur.

Picture Postcard

Rockstar has really polished the graphics in the PC version of Vice City, & although you"ll need a hefty machine for the best results, we had a 1280x960 setting (double the resolution of the PlayStation 2 version) with 50-60fps that looked stunning, with sunlight reflected realistically off cars, and a beautiful neon glow lit up buildings at night. There was some pop-up (cars appearing out of nowhere etc), and character animation is a little creaky, but this is being very picky - it"s akin khổng lồ criticising The Beatles" White Album for having a bit of a plain cover.

Vice City provides a rich environment where you can indulge every dark fantasy you"ve sầu ever had, as well as enjoying some of the best màn chơi thiết kế & genius mission ideas ever featured in a game. Rockstar obviously knows its pop culture - there are many references to other films and TV shows, especially Miamày Vice và the classic 1980s movie Scarface (the Giorgio Moroder soundtrack of which has already been raided for GTA III, trivia fans).

As we"ve sầu experienced two GTA games in two years, you can actually forget how daring the whole franchise is: bad language, police murders, prostitution, illegal narcotics, porno movies, bloody chainsaw killings, scathing social criticism, political corruption, the sanctioned destruction of innocent people"s property and possessions, and an amoral playable character. But after all that. Rockstar"s lakiểm tra is just damn good fun & a must-buy even if you have sầu GTA III. Vice City is a title that has defined a generation - a videogame that"s hugely entertaining và cool as f..k.

The Lights dyên and Mr. Mister"s Broken Wings thumps inlớn action as a man in a sharp suit plunges his flared nostrils into lớn a pile of coke so big it would have sầu cost Daniella Westbrook more than her septum. Cut khổng lồ a couple of bouffanted blondes In pink skirts on roller skates, & bachồng to lớn Nice Guy Eddie explaining that he doesn"t know who"s dead, who"s alive, who"s caught và who"s not. The action switches lớn more drugs, violent shootings, more roller skates and a few more lines of the finest Peruvian.

If you asked most developers lớn name the inspiration behind their lakiểm tra game, they"d go slightly red, look down at their feet and mutter something about a teacher bachồng in school who gave them shelter in the computer labs from the bullies who made their lunchtimes hell. But this is different. This is Rockstar và I"m in their New York headquarters to lớn check out how the latest game in the Grvà Theft Auto lớn series, Vice City, is coming along. Sometimes, life is sweet.

(I Just) Died In Your Arms

As is becoming the norm, Vice City has been out on PlayStation 2 since Christmas, but if you"ve got any sense you"ve kept yourself well away from it. I had khổng lồ force myself into lớn a quick three-hour razz around just so that I didn"t come across as a clueless tallywhacker in New York, but even that was enough lớn convince me there"s only one version of the game worth playing. Vice City might be identical in content between the two platforms, but visually they couldn"t be further apart. The best analogy is pirate films. You can"t wait for Star Wars 3 to hit the cinemas over here, so you buy a grainy DVD copy filmed from a digital camera perched in some obese American"s bulging crotch. And in doing so effectively ruin the experience you could"ve had if you"d been patient.

You might not think visuals are that important, but the revamped DX9 engine adds lớn the experience immeasurably. This is something I discovered as soon as the game was fired up on a huge presentation screen by Devin Winterbottom, Vice City"s product manager, leaving me struggling to lớn maintain my cool in the face of one of the most stunning games I"ve sầu ever seen. The official line on why the game gets released on PC after PS2 is that thedevelopers have to lớn go back in and buff the đô thị up until it"s gleaming (though we suspect the truth might have something to vì with a company called Sony, and the word "exclusive").

Either way, Devin looks as proud as any father clutching his newborn as he runs us through the visuals: "Oh yeah. The new engine is a definite evolution over GTA III. It"s all DX 9 stuff, và we"ve sầu gone baông chồng in & re-doneI all the textures, he says.

Switching from day lớn night, the game suddenly explodes in a mass of neon siêu thị fronts and street lamps. Pedestrians ditch their swimmers for suits và smart buổi tiệc ngọt clobber. Standing in the middle of the road, an oncoming motorbike blinds me with its headlights. Dazzlingly bright at the core, the light diffuses round the edges creating an amazingly lifelike effect - the first of hundreds of subtle effects I was going khổng lồ get unnaturally excited about as I played through the game on the enormous screen they had rigged up.

Kids In America

The next thing that grabbed me by the balls was the draw distance. Unlike the PS2 version, Vice City on the PC stretches almost to lớn the horizon. If you can"t see something clearly, it"s more likely that it"s your eyes that are defective. And to lớn make the most out of all this, you can use your mouse khổng lồ look around & take in every little nuance. Something Devin points khổng lồ in highlighting differences between playing the game on either platform: When you"re a console bạn you"re always looking at what"s ahead of you. You never take the time to look around you, look behind you.

Which means you won"t get khổng lồ see some of the pedestrian antics the team has been lovingly slaving over. Antics made all the more amusing and convincing by Rockstar"s decision khổng lồ motion capture the movements of professional stage actors. All the pedestrians have their own mannerisms, & things they bởi and say. And, where Gr& Theft Aukhổng lồ III is lượt thích the dirtiest, worst place on earth, Vice City is lượt thích a sun-kissed vacation spot. The pedestrians reflect that, walking around in bathing suits, or roller skating in tight pink spandex and headbands. Right on cue, a skater who wouldn"t have sầu looked out of place in the WWE in the mid "80s tries lớn skate round us only lớn fall on his pert, pink arse. As he gingerly gets to lớn his feet, the room dissolves in hysterical laughter, much as it would if we"d seen his slapstichồng fall in the real world. It"s great demoing the game, because the same thing never happens twice.

And The Beat Goes On

But the improvements in Vice City aren"t just cosmetic. Rockstar might not be giving Vice City full sequel status, but there"s enough new to make it a huge evolution from the last game. First off, where Liberty City might as well have sầu been a cardboard film set, giving the appearance of a city without anywhere for you khổng lồ go except the streets, Vice City lets you move sầu around inside buildings, và even buy your own properties when you get enough cash. You can"t go in any building you want (we presume they"re saving this for the online version of the game, when, or indeed, if, it comes khổng lồ fruition - see the Gangbang boxout below for more info) but the various hotels, discos và shopping malls help extend the illusion of the city, and provide some pretty funky backdrops for the shady giao dịch và gunfights you get into lớn through the course of the game.

And this is no lazy add-on. The two entities co-exist, which means that although there"s a short loading time when you move sầu from outside khổng lồ indoors, everything carries on in the city as if you were still out there. So any pedestrians hanging around outside will still be there doing their thang when you come baông xã out. And any cops on your tail might not give sầu up the chase just because you"ve ducked inside a building - a quiông xã peek out of the window should tell you if this is the case.


The next tichồng on the checklist is the addition of new vehicles, most notably helicopters & motorbikes. There are six flyable helicopters in the game (plus a radio-controlled model), và although they take a bit of getting used to lớn, they"re nowhere near as hard to lớn fly as the Dobởi vì from GTA III. You can l& on secluded rooftops for an afternoon"s sniping, or use your blades to chop up a group of pensioners enjoying a round of golf. You"ll also see choppers if your wanted rating gets too high, though these will be the ones the SWAT teams sent to bring you in are abseiling down from - if you"re quiông chồng enough, a burst from your uzi or xạ thủ shot khổng lồ the pilot can take them down.

But the addition of motorbikes is an even more significant change khổng lồ the way the game plays. Ranging from the ultratrendy, but ultimately ultra-slow Faggio scooter, up khổng lồ the classic Hariey-types, the first thing you notice is how well they handle. You can pull wheelies (& fall off the bachồng if you get a bit carried away, as I did), và vì chưng some serious damage to yourself if you crash, with your toàn thân flying through the air và coming down in a crunch of bone và tarmac. But the coolest thing is that you can also shoot while you"re riding, a feature that alters the skew of the previous game, enabling you lớn shoot left, right, or directly ahead.Other changes include the ability to shoot out tyres, causing vehicles to lớn slew, or shoot through windscreens to lớn take out the driver. Play it right & you can take the head off a driver with a well-aimed shot (yep, it"s more violent than GTA 3) and then watch in glee as the car crashes & the decapitated torso flops out. Sick? Sue me. Of course, all of this means that you"re not as safe as you used khổng lồ be in a vehicle, as Devin was quichồng lớn point out. In GTA III, when you in a oto you felt pretty invincible, but now cops can shoot your tyres out or turn on tyre spikes, so things are a bit tougher.

Running With The Night

In a less specific sense, Vice City seems khổng lồ have sầu more of an adult feel khổng lồ it - not that there"s more unnecessary language or nội dung. I might only have sầu had five or so hours to get acquainted with the game, but right from the off you get the feeling Rockstar has been watching all the right films. In jail since Liberty City went tits up, you"ve sầu been sent up to lớn Vice City by the The Forelli brothers to scout out the new turf và see if you can start making money. The only problem is that within seconds of the game kicking off you"re involved in a drug giảm giá that goes very sour. You chiến bại the drugs, you thua trận the money, & your trùm, Sonny Forelli, is not a happy chappy as you find out in one of the first cinematic cut-scenes.

Tommy: We were set up. The deal was an ambush.

Sonny: You"d better be kidding me. Tell me you"ve sầu still got the money.

Tommy: No Sonny, I don"t have sầu the money.

Sonny (turning a bit psychotic): That was my money Tommy.

Mine! Mine! You"d better not be screwing me Tommy, because you know I don"t lượt thích to be screwed with."

Tommy: Hey Sonny. You"ve sầu got my personal assurance I"m going to lớn get you your money baông xã. And the drugs. And I"ll mail you the dicks of those responsible.

Sonny: "Hey, I already know that. If it was anybody toàn thân else you"d be dead already. But because it"s you, I"m going to lớn let you handle this."

A fairly typical exchange, but it took a while to click that this is the first time in a GTA game that you"ve sầu heard your character (Tommy Vercetti, voiced by Ray Liotta) actually speak. One of the few criticisms we had about the last game was that your character was a bit of a diông xã, just moving from trùm to lớn trùm, taking orders without displaying any personality. That"s all changed now, and you start the game as a playa - someone who commands respect and is well known throughout the criminal fraternity, all of whom you"re introduced to lớn early on, Goodfellas-style.