Download Xmodgames For Ios(Iphone/Ipad) No Jailbreak

XMOD games is a super mobile game assistant tool with various mods for Jail broken idevices & Rooted android device. This ứng dụng comes with mods/accelerators for hot games. The App automatically detects all the installed games in your device và checks if there’s any assistance available for that game. It is much easier to install mods and launch the game.

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For COC lovers, it’s an awesome tool with tự động hóa Search, Keep Active, Sandbox Attack và more! I am using android so I bởi vì this tutorial on Android. But this application is also available for iOS. You can bởi the same on your iDevice!

XMOD Games App

Supported Games và Features:Supported GamesFeatures
Clash of clansSearch Loot, Real Time Traps và Sandbox Attack
Clash Royale Show Rival Elixir :With this feature, you can see real time elixir of rival, planning attack time more wisely và precisely.
Minecraft PETMI, địa chỉ cửa hàng Items, add Mobs, Teleport và Backpack Management
Clash Of KingsAuto Resource Collect
Agar.ioRandom Skin
8 Ball PoolSkip không tính tiền Building
Subway SurferMultiplier Scores
Criminal CaseUnlimited coins
Other featuresGadgets to enhance social interactions in gamesBuild-in Screen Capture & Smooth HD RecordForums and Chatroom khổng lồ Discuss và Share Live game ExperienceRecommend Interesting Tools to lớn Download.

Supported device:XMOD Supported apk version (XMOD APK): Android 2.3 khổng lồ Android MarshmallowXMOD Supported game ios version: All the game ios versions with Jailbreak support.

Refer: How khổng lồ Root android device without pc

Clash of Clans features (Android/iOS):
XMOD hack update error fix


1. XMOD app android startup & other issues

Error: After installing the latest COC Mod, COC can not be launched successfully:

Solution 1: Clean XMG data ->Restart XMG->Install the latest COC Mod.

Solution 2:

Uninstall COC XmodgamesReboot deviceInstall the latest COC from Google Play.Install Xmodgames APKOpen Xmodgames Allow root access.Install COC latest modEnjoy the game

2. Solution for Samsung devices that cannot run the app

3. WApp not detecting the installed games (no launch button)?

Firstly, make sure you have downloaded the game.If you have downloaded the game, you still cannot detect and no “launch” button.

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We recommend you download the game from US store, then open the game on xmod, and reinstall the mod again.

4. How to use the accelerator

Open Xmodgames and turn the accelerator “ON” in “More” page.Start the game through Xmodgames.Tap the floating window(Xbot) and you’ll see the “Accelerator” button.Tap “Accelerator” button and set the value.

Remember that the accelerator is not working on server-side games, COC, Boom Beach etc.

5. Xmodgames has stopped

Please try to lớn clear data of Xmodgames in “applications” (settings > applications) và then reinstall.

6. Why I can’t see the XBot when I start the mod.

For MIUI, Huawei, Huawei EMUI2.X users, please give permission of pop-up windows lớn Xmodgames first.MIUI: Settings–>installed app–>Xmodgames–>Permission manager–>Display pop-up window–>AcceptHuawei: Settings–>All–>Notification manager–>Dropzones–>Xmodgames

Let us know if you know anything else about this awesome App. This App is an assistant tool not a hacking tool, which helps players pursue their goals better và provide players with a better game experience. Don’t worry you won’t get banned for using this tool.