The national quality strategy: fact sheet

NQS knowledge game

The Quest for Quality is a trivia-style game for educators on the seven unique areas of the National Quality Standard (NQS). It brings a bit of fun inlớn your professional discussions và critical reflection, & tests your knowledge of the NQS. 

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Kahoot! is a quiz based learning platform that is free & easy khổng lồ access. has developed a series of Kahoot! quizzes designed khổng lồ be used individually or in teams as a way to kiểm tra education và care knowledge, reflect on practice and consider development opportunities. Our Kahoot! Quiz Instructions have sầu everything you need khổng lồ start accessing the quizzes, specially designed by for the children’s education và care sector.

Instructions with everything you need to lớn start accessing the quizzes, specially designed by for the children’s education và care sector.

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NQF - Who Does What?

Do you sometimes get stuck with working out who does what under the National Quality Framework? The NQF - Who Does What? card game is a quick interactive activity for education & care staff that has a focus on some of the different roles và functions that and the state and territory regulatory authorities have sầu. Why not download the game và see how your team goes playing it, và who knows what!

Are you looking for a way to reflect on Exceeding National Quality Standard (NQS) practice at your service? The Exceeding NQS themes activity can assist service & educational leaders engage service staff with the three Exceeding NQS themes:

Practice is embedded in service operationsPractice is informed by critical reflectionPractice is shaped by meaningful engagement with families and/or the community.

This activity will assist in determining service strengths where there is evidence of practice that aligns with Exceeding NQS themes, as well as consider opportunities lớn include in your service’s Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

Xem thêm: Tải Game Macbook - Tổng Hợp Ứng Dụng, Game Trên Máy Tính Macos’s monthly newsletters highlight the lathử nghiệm news and information on the NQF.