Virtua Cop 2 (Vcop2) Pc Game Download For Free

Virtua city Police Department uncovered an illegal operation that was taking place in the middle of the city. He managed khổng lồ trace the runners back to a mysterious và powerful crime syndicate, & had a mountain of evidence to lớn back his claims, until he was discovered và eliminated. Some of his evidence made it back to headquarters, a special task force was formed, và you were called for the job.

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Here’s what it all comes down to: you’re a cop, one of the city’s finest & stalking in the most scumbag-infested districts of the city. And it’s an all-out war between the syndicate & the law.

Grab your weapon và ammo, & get ready to dispense some justice on these mean streets. Clean out docks & warehouses of armed smugglers; clear office buildings of scum.

Pick snipers off distant buildings và dodge axe-wielding maniacs as they charge you from out of nowhere. Armored thugs lob axes và grenades into the fray if you don’t khuyến mãi with them first, you’ll have lớn try your luck at shooting their projectiles out of the air.

And watch out for the bystanders hitting one is just as bad as shooting yourself. And bear in mind that the bad guys are not above taking hostages. Download and play sega virtua cop trò chơi on any Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 PC & shut the bad guys down again.

VCop game Play:

Each time you are hit by an enemy, you thua thảm one point off your Life Markers. You also forfeit one Life Marker if you hit a hostage. đại bại all your markers, & the trò chơi ends.

Collect bonus points for inflicting maximum damage by hitting one opponent with three shots. Get a Justice Shot bonus for shooting the weapon out of an enemy’s hands without hitting any vital parts.

Ammo shows how many rounds are left in your gun. When you run out, the word RELOAD appears on screen. Try lớn avoid this. Reload often. If you are using a Power-up, the ammo for that weapon is shown here. Virtua cop game can be played with 1 or 2 players.

For two-player games, additional equipment (such as a Windows PC keyboard or a PC game controller) is needed. Some game devices may not be selectable for some Multiplayer Mode trò chơi connection types.

Various special items are concealed in objects, buildings & bad guys throughout each stage. Try shooting likely-looking objects to lớn uncover the goodies. Blow up oil drums to take out all the crooks in the blast area.

Some objects can be shot just for the fun of watching them break. Give it a try when you’ve cleared an area of foes. Just download your favorite trò chơi from the below given link and enjoy playing Vcop on any Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 PC.


How khổng lồ Play Virtua Cop on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 PC:

The Rules: As an elite Virtua Cop, your mission is khổng lồ clean the streets of Virtua đô thị of all the filth and crime. Và while you’re at it, try not khổng lồ get shot.

Shoot’em Up: The Virtua Cop’s preferred firearm is the “Guardian” Virtua Gun, a top-flight weapon armed with non-lethal stun-bullets và stopping power capable of knocking enemy projectiles out of commission. Use the Guardian to lớn blast buildings và other likely hiding places lớn uncover the special weapons, items and other surprises hidden throughout Virtua City.

Reloading: When you’ve emptied your weapon, the message “RELOAD” appears onscreen. Reload quickly or face the music with an empty gun. But be prepared – some special weapons can’t be reloaded.

Path Select: Midway through each stage, you’re confronted with the crucial decision of which course to lớn take for the second half of the stage. When a Path Select message appears, shoot the name of the course you want lớn pursue lớn the end of the stage.

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Continue: When you thua kém your last Life point, the Continue prompt appears. Press the Start button before the timer hits zero lớn continue the game.

Game Over: When you run out of Life’s & have no Continues remaining, the game is over. Better luck next time.

Scoring: The faster you shoot a bad guy, the higher your score for the arrest. There are two scoring calculation systems: V1 (from the original Virtua Cop game) & V2 (developed especially for Virtua Cop 2).

Ranking: When the game ends, you receive a comprehensive evaluation of your mission performance based on factors such as shots fired và accuracy. Will your marksmanship và valor be applauded, or greeted with scorn?

Name Entry: When you achieve one of the đứng top ten scores, you can enter your name into the ranks of the Virtua đô thị all-time heroes.

Vcop clip Game Shortcut Keys:

• F10 or alt key main thực đơn bar• Restart trò chơi (Alt + F2)• Pause game (F3)• MultiPlayer Mode F9• Key Help (F1)• Exit trò chơi (Alt + F4)• Display Settings (F4)• trò chơi Settings (F6)• Device Settings (F7)

Vcop PC trò chơi Stages:

Stage 1: Beginner:You interrupt a jewelry heist in progress, và follow the criminal in a running car-chase firefight.

Stage 2: Medium:Save the mayor of Virtua thành phố from brutal kidnappers. Follow them to lớn their hideout place in the yacht harbor, và blast them off the Fiesta Deck.

Stage 3: Expert:Pursue the crooks into the subway system, và even deeper into the heart of the Virtua thành phố underground. Destroy the subterranean gang HQ.

V Cop Special Weapons:

Machine Gun (30 rounds): Hold the fire button down lớn release bursts of automatic fire. Machine guns can’t be reloaded.

Rifle (24 rounds): Hold down the fire button khổng lồ shoot 3 round bursts. Rifles can’t be reloaded.

Automatic (15 rounds): The automatic holds 15 rounds in the video making it easier lớn take out several enemies at once. It can be reloaded.

Shotgun (6 shells): Shotguns spray pellets over a wide area, making it easier khổng lồ hit your target. They can be reloaded.

Magnum (6 rounds): The magnum has armor-piercing capabilities letting you shoot through barriers & cover. Magnums can be reloaded.

Life: This adds one Life point to your stock.

Shooting certain enemies & objects will uncover special items which the Virtua Cops can acquire by shooting. If you take damage when using a special weapon, you automatically return to lớn the standard Virtua Gun.