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Strategically Build and Manage an Army of Green Plastic Soldiers in their Critical War against the Tan Army!

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Learn About Real Time Strategy Games

What are Real Time Strategy Games?

Combine the strategic forces of chess, the “this unit beats that” element of rock-scissors-paper, and the challenges of learning to lớn use specific and limited resources to lớn build a military force with your enemy playing while you vày & you’ve got a real time strategy game.

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History of Real Time Strategy Games

The classic board game of Risk is one of the inspirations for modern real-time strategy games. In Risk, each player was given soldiers khổng lồ spread out on a world maps. Players decided where khổng lồ reinforce their troops & when to lớn battle a neighbor. But imagine a game of Risk where everyone is moving at once and you are denied the ability to lớn take as much time as you want khổng lồ plan và exexinh đẹp your turn.

Westwood’s 1992 release of Dune II marked the beginning of the RTS genre as we know it today. The company soon released Comm& & Conquer which added a multiplayer component allowing human players lớn compete against each other. Blizzard Entertainment released its Warcraft fantasy RTS game in 1994 and later the incredibly popular sci-fi RTS StarCraft in 1998. Other popular RTS games over the years include Age of Empires (1997), Homeworld (1999), Company of Heroes (2006) và Sins of a Solar Empire (2008).

Game Play

The games generally start with the player receiving a few units or a building. The object, at the beginning of the game, is lớn learn how to lớn use these limited resources lớn build new units or buildings và what those new units or buildings are capable of doing lớn advance the player’s position. To be successful the player must build an army and use the army khổng lồ defend themselves and eliminate enemies. Most RTS games focus on accumulating resources through harvesting, mining, gathering, etc. and building up a society & military machine to conquer more parts of a map & finally destroy your enemies completely.

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Real time strategy games are challenging due to lớn the various strategic factors that involve sầu successfully managing natural & financial resources, military planning, và battle execution.

Difference between Real Time Strategy và Turn Based Games

The unique element of RTS games is the continuous progression of the game play. Unlike turn-based games where each player takes his or her turn and all players take a turn before the first player can take another action; RTS games progress continuously and players will be taking action simultaneously. Actions can be undertaken by any player at any time just like in “real life” without waiting for other players to lớn make a move.

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Who will enjoy Real Time Strategy Games?

Those who want a deeper game experience besides just shooting enemies, those who enjoy multi-dimensional strategy, & don’t mind the pressure of real time will enjoy this genre. The real time component adds more excitement and action to the genre than turn based games. Multiplayer competition is a huge draw for those who get tired of playing the same computer AI & enjoy competing against others.