Perfect World Mobile APK is a top-notch role-playing game, published by Perfect World Games. This is one of the best games in 2019 from the time it was launched on March 6 until now. The game is distributed by a famous publisher in Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Tencent.

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Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Perfect World Mobile
Perfect World Games
Android 4.2

Introduce about Perfect World Mobile

14 years ago, the PC version of Perfect World was released và published widely around the world. The game is critically acclaimed by many critics about both graphics và gameplay. As you all know, Đài Loan Trung Quốc is famous for movies and swordplay novels, not only that, Clip games are also made very cleverly. Perfect World điện thoại was launched lớn meet the needs of everyone, so you can play games on the phone version or on the computer.

New fantasy MMORPG

Perfect World sản phẩm điện thoại takes the plot from a Chinese myth. This is a very striking feature of this game when it has cleverly transformed the story but still carries the value that it wants to convey. The publishers of Đài Loan Trung Quốc is very good at “moulding” stories, myths, legends khổng lồ make it inkhổng lồ a well-known and popular game.


Perfect World Smartphone is set in the primitive sầu time when God created the sky và the earth. The gods are born from the sun, the moon, … along with the material in the world including 5 elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. Each god possessed an element and shared control. If they gain faith, they will become svào and vice versa, the gods will become weak, must go through many tribulations. Therefore, the gods declared war to lớn win the trust of the people for themselves.

12 character classes

The legkết thúc of Chinese sword fighting has many competing factions. Perfect World điện thoại is the same. The game has more than 12 character classes for you lớn freely choose. Each class is a god divided inlớn 6 different races. And of course, each race will use a special weapon that other races cannot use.


After selecting the Class, you will come to lớn the character creation section. The game allows you lớn freely change the face, arrogance, outfit, physique, … With this feature, you can completely create a character completely according lớn your preferences with thousands of choices.

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This is a role-playing game with an open-world, so its bản đồ is extremely large. When participating in the game, you will be overwhelmed by its immensity, vastness. And it will be revealed when you are eligible lớn unlochồng. Slowly indulge & explore the mystery of the divine l&.

Join the battle

Perfect World điện thoại allows you to lớn participate in major battles between gods and monsters lớn protect the people. The more monsters you kill, the more “faith” will be there khổng lồ help you become stronger than ever. Your power is rewarded with hard work, you will become stronger when you kill more & more monsters.

In addition, you can also increase your power by equipping rare and powerful items. Valuable items and multiple stats can be earned by hunting bosses và buying them from a store.


The game also allows players khổng lồ fight each other. This is an indispensable feature of the swordplay game. It allows you to show off your skilled fighting skills as well as showing off your strength. In particular, the aerial combat mechanism gives you a whole new perspective sầu. You can ride a rồng & hunt bosses with allies.


Perfect World mobile has excellent 3 chiều graphics. Graphics is high-quality with high resolution. The game breaks the limits of a sản phẩm điện thoại game with realistic graphics khổng lồ every detail. In particular, you can clearly see the contours on the faces of each character. That makes the game easy to lớn create many different characters that vày not coincide with anyone.


With excellent graphics & high resolution, the game requires you khổng lồ have a powerful configuration phone if you want to phối the graphics lớn the highest màn chơi.

Download Perfect World di động MOD APK for Android

Perfect World mobile is a great role-playing game that keeps you entertained through epic battles. With high-unique graphics, the game simulates a vast fantasy world for those who love sầu adventure and exploration. Enter the war of the gods và gain the ultimate power!