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I am shocked right now, why? because I just found what I thought it will be a dream, an Android port, & its work really well, the performance stable 1080p
30fps, the graphics really good for a port ported by one person (remember I am talking about the beta)!!! developed using unity... the links down here is for beta v3, 288mb... the developer name is "Isacc (JQLP)" this is all I know.

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no way to save sầu your progress.

no way lớn pause it or exit the game or going baông xã to lớn the main menu after pressing start.

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some issues with the controllers.

But still a really good port you must play if you can't play the PC Port or PS4.

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Does anyone know about the developing status of this port? if the developer still developing it or already finish developing it, any links for the final version? where can I find the developer on the internet?

this is a gameplay đoạn phim I posted it on my twitter account

the download link on Mega

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