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Amazon gives away several free games each month through Twitch Prime, included with Amazon Prime. You can play them through the Twitch ứng dụng, but the Amazon Games launcher is a much better experience. Here’s how lớn tải về & install it.

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Download the Amazon Games App Here

Just want to lớn download the software? Click this liên kết to lớn directly tải về the Amazon Games App from Amazon’s trang web.

The Amazon Games App is much better than Amazon’s older Twitch ứng dụng for downloading và playing these miễn phí games. It includes several basic features not found in the Twitch ứng dụng, like a search box for quickly finding the games you want khổng lồ play.

Finding this links shouldn’t be complicated, but is. Amazon has no main tải về page where you’ll find a tải về liên kết for the launcher. Read on and we’ll show you where Amazon hides the link on its website.

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How to lớn Find the Download Link on Amazon’s Website

To download the launcher, head to the Twitch Prime games and loot page. Twitch Prime is included with Amazon Prime for không tính phí, so you’ll have sầu to lớn sign in first.

Scroll down to lớn the bottom of the page và look for the “Games with Prime” section. Claim this month’s games you want to play by clicking “Clayên ổn.”

After you’ve sầu claimed a game, you’ll see a “Download and play” link under it. Cliông chồng that liên kết.


Now, you’ll see a “Download the Amazon Games App (Windows)” links. Clichồng it to lớn tải về the installer. Run the installer khổng lồ install the Amazon Games launcher for Twitch Prime games.

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With the Amazon Games App installed, you can sign in to lớn tải về & play all the games you’ve ever claimed from Twitch Prime. You can also claim your free games from within this tiện ích without using the trang web.

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