Nintendo’s third video clip game console, the Nintendo 64, was released in 1994. The console’s original design, 64-bit central processor, which enhanced the graphics & made the games more spectacular, và adequate price couldn’t but attract Nintenbởi vì fans’ attention.

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Though there weren’t many new games for the Nintenvì 64, the old ones were noticeably improved và modernized, which only contributed to the console’s popularity. Thus, Mario, Jumpman, và Kirby became ever more attractive sầu và interesting lớn play on the new console boasting of its advanced 3 chiều graphics.

Some may say that the time of console games has passed long ago, & currently, people tkết thúc to lớn stick with the RPG, MMORPG, or Android games that seem to lớn fully satisfy the needs of a modern bạn. Still, we must say that such a conclusion would be premature. There are many loyal fans of N64 that dream of reuniting with their favorite game characters, but are not sure how khổng lồ vì it in the absence of the vintage device & old cartridges. In this article, we are going to reveal the secret of reviving N64 classics on your PC & help you relive moments of teenage happiness and excitement. Follow next simple steps lớn run N64 games using Project64 on your PC.

Step 1 – Getting Project64

Let us introduce Project64 khổng lồ you. This emulator is arguably the best emulator for N64 games that is currently available on the market. So, if you’re off to lớn start playing N64 games on your PC, it would be a good choice khổng lồ tải về the given emulator.

The best emulators are offered by official websites, of course. So, you will need to visit Project64 official site first.


When you’re on the site’s homepage, you’ll be asked lớn choose between the Project64 Windows version và its Android version. Since the given article is devoted to installing the emulator on the Windows computer, we say that you’ll need lớn select the “Windows” version of the emulator, you’ll need to lớn clichồng the conspicuous yellow “Get Project64 for Windows” button và downloading will start. Wait a few seconds until the download process is finished.

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Install the new “thiết đặt Project64.exe” tệp tin onlớn your computer by double-clicking on it. Then, proceed to the following step.

Step 2 – Getting N64 ROMs for Project64

So, your emulator is installed and waiting for being tried out. It is time that you get some retro games to kiểm tra your program! You can try googling for the N64 ROMs (or games) you’re interested in, và it won’t take long for you lớn get lots of results revealing the offers lớn download ROMs from numerous online sources. To spare you both time and the risk of downloading something really dangerous onlớn your computer, we suggest that you get ROMs file only from reliable websites.

Thus, if you need N64 ROMs for your Project64 emulator, you can visit Select the preferable N64 ROM from there và press the “Download Now” button to lớn save the new game on your comp.

Final Step – Running the Games

Upon download the necessary tệp tin, you’ll need lớn extract its nội dung inlớn the same folder you saved your Project64 in.

Then, fire up the emulator & go lớn “trò chơi.” Under the “Game” section, select “Load.” Navigate the folder containing the downloaded ROMs.

Finally, highlight the game you would like khổng lồ play now. After selecting it, it should start loading immediately.

Useful Tip!

Project64 is also famous for its cheats that can help considerably boost your in-game progress. To activate a cheat, press Ctrl+C khổng lồ bring up the cheats thực đơn. Check the boxes next to the cheats you want lớn enable & go enjoy the retro classics!

Hope that our article has helped you to lớn quench your nostalgic thirst for playing N64 vintage games!

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The commission help keep the rest of my nội dung không lấy phí, so thank you!

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