Download Pj Masks Apps, Pj Masks™: Moonlight Heroes For Android

At night as we’re all sleeping, little masked PJ heroes are out and about trying khổng lồ save the world! Who are they? In the daytime, 6-year-olds Connor, Amaya, & Greg attend school.

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At night, they wear their pajamas and transform into their anh hùng outfits by pressing on an amulet. They turn into…

Catboy, Gekko, Owlette!

Catboy is able khổng lồ leap high above the walls & other obstacles, Gekko can stick to lớn ceilings and smash through some obstacles! Owlette has the ability to fly and with her night-vision superpower, able lớn see hidden power ups that she can collect! With this trio on night duty, we’d be safe và sound! Navigate the three heroes as you play and defeat villains lượt thích Romeo, Luna Girl and Night nin-ja who will interrupt in your quest to lớn keep the night safe for the sleeping city!

Developed by Entertainment One, this trò chơi (with similar game play stunts lượt thích Vector) is an addictive và fun game that’s great for all ages! The infectious và cute characters make it visually appealing và exciting! Avoid the air-con vents và other obstacles as you navigate through the night khổng lồ get the glowing orbs and other special power-ups that will help you in the quest to defeat the villains and their evil schemes!


Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Others

Start with the easiest hero

That’s Gekko. He’s the easiest to lớn control amongst the three characters. Apparently the characters are ranked according to lớn their difficulty levels: Gekko, Catboy, then Owlette. If you start with Owlette and feel that the game is really hard, maybe you should start with Gekko first lớn get a hang of the game.

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Knocking into the obstacles won’t damage your health (whutttt), but in order to lớn get three stars, you need to collect the orbs and get the golden mask! With the golden mask you can perform the character’s special power. For Gekko, it’s smashing through furniture và obstacles!

Colored masks are important for Catboy stages

It’s necessary for Catboy to lớn collect masks in order khổng lồ jump higher khổng lồ actually make it through some obstacles. While it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference for Gekko or Owlette, these colored masks are a must for Catboy. Try to lớn get all the colored masks on his level of chơi game if you can!

How lớn get three stars?

In order khổng lồ get three stars, it’s not always about collecting many, many orbs. Get the golden masks. They will boost your chances of getting three stars for each level. Just keep collecting as many glittery things, especially masks, as you possibly can, then your chances will be higher!

In Other News

Can’t get enough of these PJ Masked heroes? Then maybe you can start watching PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes episodes – they’re airing season 2 already! This PJ Mask Heroes is an animated series based on the “Les Pyjamasques” book series by French tác giả Romuald Racioppo!

Download & play PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes on PC today! Try out other kids lượt thích My Talking Tom & Subway Surfers!