I am a huge fan of horror games and when I saw that Pacify was, in fact, a horror game & also being sold for under five sầu bucks, I knew I have sầu lớn give it a try. This is not a “budget” title, while the price may be, the actual game is quite well made & is sure to lớn scare you khổng lồ death.

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How khổng lồ Download Pacify

You can tải về Pacify from Steam. If you like horror games be sure khổng lồ also kiểm tra out Dark Deception and The Joy of Creation.

The trò chơi Review

I love sầu the story that is behind Pacify. You are working for a paranormal investigation agency & you have been sent lớn this old house lớn “pacify” the spirit that is inside. The spirit in question is an evil little girl và she is not too happy with you in her house. The baông xã story of the house is very interesting và I encourage you to look more inkhổng lồ it.

Pacify is played in the first person & the whole game is set in this rather large old funeral home. There are two main things that you need to lớn vì before this evil child spirt can be put down for good. You need to lớn find keys to open all the doors & then you need lớn deal with the creepy dolls!

The dolls are running around the house causing trouble & you need to find these và put them in the furnace. These things are super creepy and the more of them that you destroy the more powerful the spirit of the girl becomes.

Scary is a huge understatement when describing Pacify. The house is very creepy, but the way you can be walking down a corridor và then have her flying at you, getting right in your face is terrifying. Even the sounds of the little dolls running around và opening doors will make the hair on your arms stvà up.

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Pacify is a rather short game, but you can play it in a few different ways. To start with there is the single player mode which is quite challenging as you have sầu to lớn vày everything by yourself. Multiplayer is the most fun as you and three other people can team up và work together lớn get rid of this evil ghost.

There is also a second multiplayer mode where you are all still trying to lớn get rid of the evil ghost, but you are working against each other. This is quite fun as the idea is that there is an open position at the paranormal investigation agency & only one of you can get the job. Who does the most work to get rid of the ghost will get the job. You can screw with each other và make it hard for the other players, which is quite fun.

If you like horror, you are going khổng lồ have a great time with Pacify. It is amazing to lớn me that the game is being sold for as cheap as it is. It is not the longest game, but playing with friends does give the game a lot of trả lời value. Just be warned that this is a game that is both creepy and full of jump scares so you will get scared as you play it!






Pacify is a horror action game. Download it now. Become a paranormal investigator. Face an unimaginable evil lurking inside an old house.