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Operate Now: Hospital is a management game for Android in which you have lớn build & manage a hospital và carry out all sorts of surgery successfully


Classic business management games are perfect for mobile devices. Touchscreens are ikhuyến mãi khổng lồ build and manage with a single finger all sorts of theme parks, cities, restaurants, zoos, farms or hospitals, as in the case of this game.

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Operate Now: Hospital is game for Android in APK format, which is also available for iOS, in which you can build, expvà, manage, và run your very own hospital. But there"s much more lớn it. Yes, it"s a tycoon game but the player will also live sầu moments of extreme pressure as you"ll also have sầu khổng lồ take care of operating và healing your patients.

Become the best surgeon in the world whilst you also run a hospital.

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Main features of Operate Now

You"ll need khổng lồ keep a steady h& in this game if you want to keep the hospital"s books in positive whilst you make sure you don"t kill any patients. To be able to lớn manage the hospital appropriately & practice medicine just lượt thích a professional, you"ll need to carry out all the following actions:

Carry out complex operations such as repairing fractures, removing polyps và tumors, or carrying out tracheotomies.Carry out perfect stitches và incisions khổng lồ reduce the patient"s damage lớn the minimum extent.Build và expvà the hospital with emergency rooms, intensive care units, trauma units, oncology halls, cardiology units, etc.Manage your money correctly to be profitable và efficient.Hire and train staff capable of saving lives.

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Apart from all these tasks, you"re going lớn be able to live sầu dramatic episodes just as if you worked at the Seattle Grace Hospital of the famous series Grey"s Anatomy. In the two seasons of the game that are currently available, you"ll be able khổng lồ follow the professional và love life of Dr. Amy Clarke (a Meredith Grey look-alike), as well as unveiling all the mysteries that surround the hospital.