DOS Shareware (partial game)Developed by Soleau SoftwarePublished by Soleau SoftwareGenre: PuzzleEXE compression: EXEPACK, PKLITEUser rating: 0.0 (0 votes)

Oilcap takes place in a 11×8 grid that starts out empty, except for the starting point.

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Pipe segments appear at the bottom of the screen and can be placed anywhere on the grid, but no sections can be skipped, meaning that every segment must be placed somewhere, even if it is unwanted. The pipes must be arranged to create a path for oil that begins khổng lồ flow at the end of a countdown. Pipe segments can be placed on top of other segments, such as discarded segments that are now in the way, but there it takes time for the new segment to lớn replace the old one.

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Points are scored for the total distance the oil travels. The oil slowly makes its way through the pipeline until it reaches a dead kết thúc, at which time points are subtracted for unused pipe segments, và the score achieved is compared lớn the score required to lớn advance to the next cấp độ. As the levels gets harder, holes start to appear on the grid, & special segments randomly appear that award points if they are used as part of the pipeline. Some levels have sầu an ending point which the oil must enter in order to lớn advance khổng lồ the next cấp độ. There are an infinite number of levels in this game, with only the first 12 levels playable in the shareware version.

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EGA Mode 10h640×350×16c


Oilcap v7.1 Shareware (132,794 bytes) 1 April 1996DOSPlay online
Oilcap v7.0 Shareware (128,3trăng tròn bytes) 1 February 1995DOS
Oilcap v6.2 Shareware (119,813 bytes) 1 March 1994DOS
Oilcap v6.1 Shareware (113,928 bytes) 1 September 1993DOS
Oilcap v6.0 Shareware (101,935 bytes) 2 August 1992DOS
Oilcap v5.0 Shareware (82,244 bytes)12 October 1991DOS
Oilcap v4.0 Shareware (86,275 bytes) 8 May 1991DOS
Oilcap v1.0 Shareware (86,150 bytes)15 March 1991DOS

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Soleau Software still sells the registered version of this game for $12 by tải về.