In general game android file LWP - LAN Multiplayer FPS has rating is 8.4 from 10.

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This is cumulative rating, most best apps on google play store have rating 8 from 10. Total reviews in google play store 19974. Total number of five star reviews received 13137. This ứng dụng has been rated like bad by 1982 number of users. Estimated number of downloads range between 1,000,000+ in google play store LWP - LAN Multiplayer FPS located in category Action, with tags and has been developed by Dazad. You can visit their website or send ian121362

↓Check out the new version "Local Warfare : LAN/Online Multi-Player" Warfare Protable) is LAN Multi-Player FPS, which able you to battle with your friend on Local Network.★Features : *Lite and performance, No Ultimate device required *Zombie Survival Mode with a brand new Multi-Player Zombie system.

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How long can you stay? *Awesome graphics *Every game mode with Multi-Player *Realistic physics - blow up your friends or…...zombies! *Support up khổng lồ 10 players*Small form size of android file, which enables you to mô tả it with your friends easily *5 Bots difficulty level , keeping your gaming skill sharp *Customizable equipments,grab your best gear then go kick some ass*Full customization on game control. We respect your own gaming style! *100% ads free, 100% charges free, 100% guaranteed Multiplayer game play Video: ★How to Play LWP Multiplayer with your friends? 1.Connect All the devices khổng lồ the same Wi-fi hotspot(It can be a điện thoại phone hotspot) 2.Launch the game then go lớn "MutiplePlayer"=>"Create Game"=>"Create Room" khổng lồ host the hệ thống 3.Make others devices go to lớn "MutiplePlayer"=>"Join Other"=>"Join Private Room" 4.Type the IP address then click the "Join Room" buttom lớn connect khổng lồ the vps device. (The ip address will be shown at the left-top of the hệ thống device screen) 5.Click "Start" button at the server device and Enjoy! ★Notice : This is not an Online Game, you’ll need to host your own sever for Multi Players, such as MinecraftPE or CS1.6 . ★Few Important Notes : 1.If the tiện ích shut down unexpectedly, quit it,clean up the caches,and then restart it again. 2.If the control layouts didn’t fit your taste, go khổng lồ “Pause Meu=> Setting => Custom control” khổng lồ set it up. You can drag buttons position & use zoom in/out gesture lớn change it's size.

*Remade dust map*bugs fixed*Click on the screen khổng lồ look at a specific point*Click và hold on the enemy to mở cửa fire*New thực đơn theme*Play ground added, basically a scene with some target to shoot at.