Download Johnny Trigger: Sniper (Mod, Unlimited Money) 1

NameJohnny Trigger: Sniper
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Johnny Trigger: Sniper lets you play as a gunner with the task of destroying bandits. They operate in an organized manner so you need to lớn take the lair lớn select the appropriate location & attachồng. Players bởi not approach enemies at cthua kém range, you will attaông chồng from afar with weapons with high accuracy. Despite being an action game, Johnny Trigger: Sniper has more entertainment elements. Players easily complete the screen quickly, the number of enemies is not much, but you must not leave any criminals. Hold hvà and move sầu on-screen to target, release hand to lớn shoot. The controls are relatively easy to compare with games of the same genre.

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1 Download Johnny Trigger: Sniper MOD – The raid khổng lồ destroy the bandits

The enemy also has weapons but it is not as ominous as in Metal Soldiers 2, they shoot quite badly at long distances. But if you do not quickly kill them, it is very easy to take damage. The guys holding suitcases or keys you need to destroy first bởi not let them escape. Johnny Trigger: Sniper lets shooters try out fast-moving enemies. If you want a more actionable game, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter gives you a fierce alien war.


Download Johnny Trigger: Sniper MOD – The raid to lớn destroy the bandits

Johnny Trigger: Sniper launched a continuous raid against the gang headquarters of bandits. Don’t rush lớn shoot until you have sầu found an important target because they will be in chaos if they hear gunfire. Every bullet fired, try khổng lồ let it take the life of the enemy. JT Sniper is not limited to lớn bullets but should not take too much time for each raid. At the following levels, the number of enemies increases, players need lớn immediately stop the danger before life is threatened. There is a handgun, but you can still be defeated if the enemy hits a number of times.

Unlock new weapons

Johnny Trigger: Sniper only revolves around the main screen with no more options. Weapons will be unlocked if you complete the game screen, it can not be bought even if you have a lot of money. In addition lớn the default, weapons are Sniper Rifles, M4A1, Bazooka is some of the next guns you get. Players are not allowed to lớn choose guns freely while playing, weapons are decided by the game. It can be said, Johnny Trigger: Sniper has quite strange rules, besides the main task you vì not have many options.

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Gun upgrade

Just like having a new weapon, upgrades only appear at the kết thúc of some levels. Damage, Fire rate, Stability, Reload speed … these are the parameters you can see but not always upgraded. In particular, each nâng cấp Johnny Trigger: Sniper only allow once. So even if you have a lot of money when using the MOD version, you cannot use up all the assets you have.

Unloông chồng new skin

Skin plays the role of changing a new image for each gun. Every time you complete the stage, the Skin unlochồng rate will increase. However, I don’t lượt thích the way that I have sầu to see ads to lớn receive SayGames’ new skin. You must watch the ad to lớn get new skin even though it is an effort when you have successfully completed the task.


Johnny Trigger: Sniper brings fast gun battles between you và the bandits. Hostage rescue is also what you need to bởi on some levels. Do not shoot the hostage mistakenly if you bởi not want to play again. I did not complete the task when firing at the oil tank with the desire khổng lồ terminate the enemy fast but that did kill the hostages. Download Johnny Trigger: Sniper MOD wiped out evil gangsters và miễn phí the innocent.