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Are you passionate about flying? Have sầu you ever wondered what it feels lượt thích to lớn be a fighter jet pilot? If yes, then you should definitely try this fly simulator. iFighter 1945 is a thrilling game which allows you lớn fly legendary warplanes used in WWII and go deep inside enemy territory to destroy prototypes of their secret weapon. It transports you inlớn the Second World War era và places you inside a warplane. You are charged with the duty of destroying the enemy"s secret weapons which are heavily guarded. The highlight feature of this shooting game is its crisp graphics while its gameplay is fast-paced and engaging as well. You would have lớn remain vigilant at all times & act quickly if you want to lớn succeed in your mission.

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iFighter 1945 is not that difficult to lớn play. Since it is a 2D shooting game, you simply have sầu to control the movements of your chosen plane & continue shooting at the enemy. There are four different controls options available to you in this flight simulator for maneuvering your plane. These controls options are Relative, Touch, Motion, và Joypad. In Relative, the plane moves relative khổng lồ your finger movements on the screen while Joypad offers a virtual joystiông xã which you need khổng lồ use for moving your plane in the desired direction. The Motion control option lets you maneuver the plane by tilting the screen of your phone whereas the cảm biến control option lets you direct plane movements touching a spot on the screen.

In this flight simulator, you are offered three different difficulty modes which are Easy, Normal and Hard. The Easy mode is for beginners while Normal and Hard modes are for advanced players. In all of the difficulty modes, you will have lớn complete various missions assigned to lớn you. Each mission requires you to fly your plane above the enemy territory và reach the hideout of the secret weapon after shooting down anything that comes in your way. You will have khổng lồ get past enemy tanks, trucks, gunships và planes that will try to lớn blast you out of the sky. Keep moving your plane to lớn evade their fire & continue shooting them until the target is destroyed.

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iFighter 1945 lets you fly a number of different types of WWII fighter jets. Each warplane has its own stats for attack, HPhường, recover, & speed. Some of the fighter jets are available for không lấy phí while others need to lớn be bought. To help you complete the challenging missions, this fly simulator provides various power-ups khổng lồ you. You will have to lớn collect them by flying over them as they appear on the screen during missions. These power-ups allow you to increase your shooting power, have sầu ally planes join you in your fight and get additional health & bombs. You can use the bombs for calling in an air strike & take out enemy artillery in a single sweep.

FeaturesThree difficulty modesMultiple controls optionsLots of different warplanes lớn choose fromGo on challenging missionsShoot down enemy planes that come in your wayDestroy the trucks, tanks, & gunships on the groundDrop bombs to annihilate enemy planes và artilleryCollect stars & medals khổng lồ earn pointsVarious power-ups available during missionsConclusion

iFighter 1945 is a gaming ứng dụng which is marketed towards people who love warplanes & have an interest in flying fighter jets. It lets them step inkhổng lồ the shoes of a fighter pilot in the height of the Second World War and go on dangerous missions inside enemy territory. It is an action-packed fly simulator for sure và you would love playing it on your phone especially if you like 2D shooting games.