Installing Unity 3D Game Engine

trò chơi development requires the use of an IDE along with one or two programming language(s). This IDE will be the trò chơi Engine on which you will be developing you game project. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install/thiết đặt và use the Unity trò chơi Engine to use it as your game development environment.

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Setup Unity 3 chiều environment for Windows

For using Unity 3 chiều, you have sầu to lớn tải về the Installer from the Unity"s official website. For that, just follow the steps given.

Clicking on the Download (for Windows) button, will show a drop down danh mục of options like this,


Select your required choice và start the downloading.

The installer uses a Download Assistant & has detailed instructions that you need to follow. Unity Download Assistant is a light weight, small sized executable (.exe) program, that will let you select the components of the Unity Editor, which you want lớn tải về và install.

Select the editor component lớn install & then cliông xã the Next button.


In the next step, if you"re not sure which components you want to install, you can leave sầu the default selections, click Next to lớn continue, & follow the installer"s instructions.

In the below shown screenshot, some of the kiểm tra boxes are:

Microsoft Visual Studio tools for Unity (is required).Windows Build Support (if you are planning khổng lồ make Windows phone based Game as well).Android Build Support (if you are planning to lớn make Android based Game using Unity 3D).Rest, leave default selected check-boxes.


Now, let that installer tải về & install Unity in your PC and then launch the Unity trò chơi Engine after it gets installed.

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Installing Unity on macOS X

We can either use commvà line to lớn install Unity 3 chiều on Mac OS X or use the Unity Download Assistant.

Installing using the Download Assistant

A .dmg tệp tin names UnityDownloadAssitant will be downloaded. Double clichồng on it khổng lồ start the installation process.


Double Clichồng on the Unity Download Assistant icon khổng lồ start installation.

Agree lớn the Terms và Conditions và click on Continue. Then you will be asked khổng lồ select packages khổng lồ be installed, stiông chồng to lớn the default ones, if you are a beginner.


Installing Unity using the Commvà Line

The individual Unity Editors are provided as .pkilogam files that you can install using the command line.

This will get installed into the thư mục /Applications/Unity on the specified target volume. Type the following command first-

suvì installer <-dumplog> -package Unity.pkilogam -target /

Here Unity.pkg is the filename that we downloaded in step 1.

Now in order lớn install the Standard Assets, which will get installed inkhổng lồ folder /Applications/Unity/Standard Assets on the specified volume, use the commands-

subởi vì installer <-dumplog> -package StandardAssets.pkilogam -target /

The tệp tin StandardAssets.pkg can be downloaded from the same drop down from which we downloaded the Unity Editor tệp tin in the step 1. Click on the option Standard Assets.

To install Example Project, which will reside in the thư mục, /Users/Shared/Unity/Standard-Assets on the specified volume, the commvà will be-

sudo installer <-dumplog> -package Examples.pkilogam -target /

The tệp tin Examples.pkg can be downloaded from the same drop down from which we downloaded the Unity Editor file in the step 1. Cliông chồng on the option Example Projects.

Assets Store

Unity based game Developers can get the assets from the assets store as well. Just follow the liên kết given below: