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Ejen Ali : Emergency
Media Prima Digital
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Android 5.0

Ejen Ali : Emergency MOD app android is an action game from the publisher truyền thông media Prima Digital. The trò chơi is inspired by the famous animation series Ejen Ali và has got its own way.

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Introduce about Ejen Ali : EmergencyMOD game android version of Ejen Ali : Emergency

Introduce about Ejen Ali : Emergency

The amazing adventure of nhân vật Ali and his teammates.

The plot

As said above, Ejen Ali : Emergency is based on the much-loved Ejen Ali animated series. However, it is short, easy to lớn understand, & not many things as profound, serious as animation.


In SRT Cyberjaya 1 School with the khẩu hiệu “School is cool”, student Ejen Ali was sleeping, then suddenly woke in the middle of the class when the phone rang. Someone alerted a special mission waiting for him. So just waiting for class lớn be over, Ali immediately went home, opened a book that seemed mysterious, went lớn the page with a bearded old man with messy hair, and then put his hand on the page. Magically! The door right behind Ali opened a deep secret room. Pause for a second, Ali was dressed up full of clothes, accessories, self-defense weapons, & all.

This is like a colorful kid version of Spiderman. In real life, he is also a dumb guy, but just after putting on his armor & magical glasses, and putting a few sharp glue lines on his hair, Ali has transformed into a cool knight fighting for Earth peace.

Ali’s biggest task is to lớn find a way to infiltrate the MATA facility. Ali is equipped with all kinds of advanced equipment such as Iris, Yoyo, và a variety of other skills such as climbing walls, fast teleporting in space, radiation, … This series of skills will be gradually upgraded through each scene. And on the way, Ali also has a companion, Ejen Comot, a fat, benign cat, who has the ability khổng lồ stealth và strongly break the walls.

About the scene, difficulty, and enemy classes

There are more than 100 levels in the game. Each scene is a different space in the dangerous MATA area. About the first 5 levels, you will hardly see an enemy at all, the task is just khổng lồ collect power diamonds, & to find the exit door of the room is to lớn pass the scene.


However, after that, things are very different. Enemies appear one after another and quickly increase in speed, quantity, và quality, many times making you unable to lớn react. Among them are some bosses Drone, Turret, RoboGuard… These guys have toxic appearances, which is truly a fantastic sản phẩm of the game maker: although they are monsters, they are quite stupid. They have bulky appearances, but their brain is probably only the size of a grape. Haha. The màu sắc of them is quite eye-catching, fresh, not threatening at all. The enemy cast compared lớn the original animation has been retouched quite a bit lớn become so cute & lovely. This is also a factor that makes the game highly accessible to players of all ages.

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Ali also has friends and great power-ups

Going deep into the MATA facility, what you’ll face is not just an enemy in front of you, but a series of challenging puzzles. Only the answers for those puzzles will let go to the next cấp độ or get a certain valuable item.

And in the game, you don’t just play with Ali. When you accumulate enough diamonds, you will be able to lớn unlock the rest of the characters with their signature powers. Our character cast includes the following 9 names: Ali (the main character from the beginning), Alicia, Jenny, Rizwan, Chris, Zass, Roza, Mika, Rudy. Of course, when you switch to a new character, you will own the entire range of features and strengths of each character. The best way is to take the time lớn read through the descriptions và make the right choice for each scene.

The chơi game is very easy. Lượt thích most other adventure role-playing games, the bottom left side is the navigation button for the character, the right cluster is the buttons to lớn move, choose weapons… I believe those who have played adventure games a lot may get used to it right away.

Graphics & sound

True khổng lồ the style inherent in the Ejen Ali animated series: cute, pure, witty, dynamic, & bright, all the battles in this game are conducted quickly with extremely funny scenes.

It is the colorful và modern style of the game that has added energy that makes you, once playing, not be able lớn stop. Even more, maybe a day without seeing Ali and his friends will make you restless.


The sound is equally bustling. It has fast music tempo, and clear, detailed effects. Everything supports each other quite well and harmoniously.

MOD app android version of Ejen Ali : Emergency

MOD feature

Free UpgradeFree Shopping

Buy anything you want. The money you have doesn’t matter.

Download Ejen Ali : Emergency MOD game android for Android

This is a trò chơi that comes from animation. However, it does not rely on animation but has its own characteristics. It has beautiful characters, good scenes, great sound, & rhythmic movement. Such an extremely relaxing adventure game! Try it once unless you want to lớn waste your youth! download Ejen Ali : Emergency lớn play here.