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Tile games Dominoes, 800 AD Mahjong, 1850 AD Board games Wei Hai, 3000 BC Go, 2300 BC Xiangqi, 200 BC Chaturanga, 500 AD Chess, 500 AD Shogi, 570 AD Pachiđê mê, 1600 AD Jigsaw puzzle, 1760 AD The Mansion of Happiness, 1843 Stratego, 1920 Monopoly, 1936 Scrabble, 1938 Diplomacy, 1954 Risk, 1959 Card games Cribbage, early 17th century Poker, mid-18th century? Pinochle, 19th century? Contract bridge, 1925 Magic: The Gathering, 1993

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Military games Koenigspiel, 1664 War Chess, 1780 Military School Wargame, 1797 Kriegsspiel, 1811 The American Kriegsspiel, 1879 Naval War College Games, 1886 The Naval Wargame, 1903 Lanchester"s Laws, 1912 Little Wars, 1913 German Schlachtenspiel, 1920 Political-Military Gaming, 1929 Soviet Kriegsspiel, 1933 Japanese Wargaming, 1941 Game Theory, 1943 Monte Carlo Method, 1949 Tactics (Avalon Hill), 1952 Firefight (Simulations Publications, Inc.), 1974 Strategic Analysis Simulation, 1980 RSAS (RAND), 1954? IDAHEX, 1976 McClintic Theater Model, 1977 Janus, 1978 Joint Exercise Simulation System, 1982 Naval Wargaming System, 1985 Air Defense Simulation System, 1986 ModSAF, 1990 OneSAF (Semi-Automated Forces), 2001 Arcade games Pinball, 1871

Electronic entertainment games Spacewar!, 1961 Magnavox Odyssey, 1972 Pong, 1972 Multi-User Dungeon, 1978 Atari 2600, 1983 Nintenvày Entertainment System, 1984 Battle Tech Arcade, 1990 Hovertank 3 chiều, 1991 Wolfenstein 3 chiều, 1992 Doom, 1993 Duke Nukem 3D, 1996 Quake, 1996 Panzer General, 1996 Ultima Online, 1997 Virtual World, 1997 Team Fortress, 1999 Fleet Command, 1999 Everquest, 1999 RuneScape, 2001 World of Warcraft, 2004 Second Life, 2006

Electronic games Pinball (video clip game), 1984 Calculator games Perfection Simon Operation Electronic Football Tamagotchi Leapfrog > Educational computer games Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, 1985 Reader Rabbit, 1986 Jump Start, 1994 Science & Math Blaster, 1996 Algebra II Expert Serious games SGI Flight, 1983 SGI Dogfight, 1985 Harpoon, 1989 Marine Doom, 1996 Falbé 4.0, 1998 Spearhead, 1998 America"s Army, 2002 DARWARS Ambush!, 2003 Tactical Iraqi, 2003 Full Spectrum Warrior, 2004 Serious Games Showcase và Challenge, 2006 VBS2, 2009