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For years Android gamers have sầu been waiting for worthy online MMO title that could change the current saturated market. With Albion Online, players are introduced to lớn a whole new world filled with possibilities. Find out more about this first truly cross-platform online game with our Review.

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In Albion Online, players can experience the exciting world of the medieval period with the amazing gameplay that it offers. Here, you can be your own individual with a chất lượng story of your own. Choose between different development path for your characters. Will you be a good citizen và profit from doing productive works or join bands of bandits to loot from other players.

Build your own customizable characters, equip them with certain items, upgrade their skills depending on your preferences, và join millions of online player in this massive sầu community.



Here you’ll find the exciting features of Albion Online. Decide on your own if it’s worth your time.

Fight for your own survivals

In the world of Albion Online, players will have their chances lớn show their incredible fighting skills in epic fights against the powerful monsters scattering through the whole region. In additions, you can chạy thử your skills by going against each other in exciting PvP battles.

On top of that, those who love working with other players can size your own guilds, teams, or squads to help each other in difficult situations or heavy tasks. Gear up and challenge your enemies in large-scale battles across the lands of Albion Online.

And once you’ve sầu gathered enough power, money, và influence, you can have your own lands. Build houses, villages, và raise armies lớn protect them. Gather resources và keep enlarging your lands. Protect it from other’s invasions as well as clayên properties from other’s territories.

Use your brilliant tactics và powerful armies lớn bring the enemies lớn their knees. More lands & resources mean that you’ll have more shelters to protect your people from the lurking dangers.

However, the monsters also feature awesome loots once you’ve slain them. Hence, boss khủng hunters are always needed for the job. Become a hero & help others to lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with tough monsters and earn rewards.


Unique player-driven economic

Here in Albion, everything is almost self-sufficient as most of the goods & resources comes from actual players. That being said, you can be a good citizen in Albion Online và contribute khổng lồ the economy by taking certain careers.


As a farmer, you’ll be doing good deeds khổng lồ the whole economy by providing chất lượng agricultural products to lớn the market. In additions, you can stay away from the exhausted fighting lifestyle that won’t give sầu you good night sleeps.

The farming business also allows you to lớn befriover with the adorable animals, learning how to grow crops, & making delicious foods from your products. It’s a great way to lớn stay away from the raging war out there while still providing yourself enough money to progress in the world of Albion.

Not khổng lồ mention that you’ll become every guild’s treasure as they all need someone khổng lồ provide agricultural products for the economy.


And if you think that you’re not suitable for the peaceful & sometimes a little bored lifestyle of a farmer, then you might find foraging & hunt more suitable. Here in Albion Online, players can journey through the different lands in the regions.

Collect unique items that are only available in the wild and go against powerful wild animals. Be a hunter and treasure in Albion Online khổng lồ make fortunes from the resourceful natures. However, make sure you also pay attention lớn enemies’ who’re trying to take advantages of you.


No matter what you vì in Albion Online, be it a farmer, hunter, warrior, & so on, you’ll always need to lớn have sầu good equipment with you. Which is why being a blacksmith makes you a valuable asset of the community. You’re the only one that they could come at when they need to lớn make something. That being said, you can make a fortune just by making weapons & gears for others. In additions, you can also make uses of this incredible ability to make yourself awesome gears.


And to lớn help to distribute goods to every corner of the realm, we’ll need to lớn have sầu some merchants. With this job, you can enjoy traveling to lớn different places, encounter cool people, & sell your goods for good amounts of cash.

Prepare a carriage to lớn carry your goods & make sure you bring enough guards since there will be thieves who will try lớn take your hard-earn money.

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And if you just want lớn make some quiông chồng money without having lớn go throw the hardship of trading, you can list your items for sale at the local marketplace. With lots of travelers passing by, you’ll earn enough money in no time.


Build your own home

And to lớn give sầu players a place that they could gọi “home”. In Albion Online, players are allowed to lớn construct buildings, furniture, & other infrastructures if they have the capable building skills. Having said that, gamers in Albion can own a lot of their own and build their home on the very same place.

You can then finish your home page with decorations, furniture, và maybe add some new family members. A comfy bed, warm fires, và delicious meals are enough for every man lớn live sầu happily in Albion. In additions, the furniture also gives your certain boosts and bonuses.

And if you have had enough money and power, you might want to expvà your house into lớn a manor. Gather settlers who wish lớn live sầu under your protection. Organize your community with proper economic & armies. Conquer other’s lands và expand your empire as your power grow.

Varying character customizations

Moreover, players can create their own customizable characters with chất lượng traits và physical looks. And depending on your preferences you can choose lớn develop your characters in different paths in the Destiny Board. Become a farmer, fighter, crafter, or hunter, everything is up khổng lồ you. Experiencing different paths or choose a single one, it’s all up to you.

In additions, in Albion Online, players are not restricted by classes, thus all items can be equipped on different characters without classes restrictions. Wear what you want và make uses of what you’ve sầu got.

Most importantly, nothing is permanent in Albion, you can spkết thúc your whole life working as a farmer và still be able khổng lồ learn to lớn become a fighter. The interchangeable roles allow players to lớn experience their favorite game in varied aspects.


You’re not the only one

And don’t think that you’ll be completely safe even when you’re just a farmer. The world that we’re living in also has other intimidating species which don’t get well with human:

From the depth of hell, we have the despicable demons of hells which bring a great threat to the peace of Albion. Although they’re forbidden to lớn cross through our world by the will of the universe, I doubt that would last as the lords of hells are trying their best lớn break the gates between us.

And here in the once-sacred lands from the Great War, the heretics are rising up. Causing disturbances và unhappiness among mỏi the people, these maniac martyrs must be stopped at all costs.

Inlớn the dark forests of Albion are the lands of the Keepers of Albion. They’re an ancient people who possess great powers which allows them khổng lồ manipulate the elements. Although they will vì you no harm if you stay away from them, these tribesmen can be quite territorial if you try to lớn trespass them

Souls of the dead who refused khổng lồ cross to their next lives scatter all over the corners of Albion. These demonic spirits are known as the Undead. They live sầu with no purpose with killing is their only entertainment.

The once-proud sorceress, Morgana was banished from the realm of Albion after her defeat with Merlin in the Great War. Still, her worshipers are still lurking in the darkness of Albion, looking for a chance to revive their master & cause havoc lớn the world.

The king và his followers are not khổng lồ be trusted in Albion Online. Although they do provide places of refuges for newcomers, for most of the times, they usually care about the king’s coffers and how can they exploit from the poor people of Albion.


Enjoy cross-platkhung gameplay

For the first time, players can experience a true cross-platform gameplay with this innovative sầu MMO. That being said, the game is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. You can enjoy playing on any of your devices at any time without experiencing any difficulties.

On top of that, each version is optimized for certain devices so you’ll be having smooth gameplay và comfortable control regardless of your devices.

Free khổng lồ play

For Android users, you can start enjoying this exciting game on your devices right now by going to lớn Albion Online Official Website and download the APK tệp tin. Install the game và follow the instructions to play the game on your devices.

Visual và sound quality


The game features beautiful 3 chiều graphics but is still relatively playable on most devices. However, to maintain a decent in-game experience, it’s advised that your devices come with the capable hardware. Start immersing yourself in the stunning worlds of medieval time.


Almost every aspect of Albion Online is accurately depicted with realistic sounds. You’ll feel lượt thích you’re living in a real world instead of just playing an online game.

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Download Albion Online lathử nghiệm 1.226.56 Android APK

There aren’t many things that you can complain about this game. Download & install it now to lớn experience one of the best online MMO for your devices.