Akinator 8


Has a smartphone ever read your mind? Download Akinator for Android, the game starring a genie that will guess what you"re thinking by asking questions


Can someone read your mind? Some people say that it’s possible & also that our star sign affects our personality và destiny, but nobody toàn thân has been able khổng lồ prove sầu it yet. For the time being, the closest thing to reading our mind is resorting to lớn a deductive system such as the one used by Akinator the genie in this Android phầm mềm.

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Put the Android genie to the test

This application can help us khổng lồ have a good & fun time with a game in which we can put the main character to lớn the test by thinking about a real-life or fictional character & which the genie will try lớn guess by asking us a series of questions. It incorporates an algorithm that helps hyên to combine the information we provide và compare it to lớn a huge database lớn find the right answer.

Play with this genie & see if he can guess all real-life và fictional characters. Try khổng lồ think of unusual or long-time forgotten characters.Win Geniz khổng lồ unlock new wallpapers and other elements khổng lồ customize the genie lớn your own liking. Turn inlớn a vampire, a cowboy, a disteo star…Take part in daily challenges và try lớn find the five famous characters to lớn win extra Geniz points.Child filter to protect the youngest members of the household against contents that aren’t suitable for their age.Available in several languages. You can play in English, Spanish, Arabic, French…

Real or fiction, dead or alive: this genie is capable of guessing what you’re thinking.

How Akinator works

How khổng lồ play is very simple, you only have to follow these steps:

Step 1: think in a character, whether real or fictional, dead or alive.

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Step 2: answer the questions that the genie asks you, choosing between any of the options given.Step 3: you must be really honest. You won’t go anywhere lying…

And you can play this game for hours on end. And if the genie isn’t capable of guessing what you’re thinking (which means that you’ve been very creative), it will allow you to skết thúc your character so that it can become part of its huge database.

On the other h&, thanks to the MyWorld function, you can play with people from your circle. That means that if you get fed up of playing with celebrities & other famous people, you can have sầu fun letting the genie guess your friends and family, even if they don’t have sầu the app.

Download its APK right now from Malavidomain authority và have fun on your điện thoại thông minh or tablet. In any case, you should know that you can also play Akinator for PC thanks to lớn its online version accessible from your web browser.