6 Pack Promise, Stealth Review: Game Your Core!

Gaming is often associated with being sedentary, but new fitness trends & equipment are allowing us to lớn game our way khổng lồ excellent physical health (lượt thích Ring Fit Adventure on Nintenvì Switch, for example). Have you ever wanted to lớn game your way to lớn perfect abs? Well, now you can with Stealth! This is a fun & accessible way lớn game your core. Paired with the Stealth phầm mềm, Stealth offers a variety of games, challenges, and a worldwide community so you can achieve sầu the core of your dreams and have a lot of fun while you"re doing it.

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Bottom line: Stealth is a fun, accessible way to lớn game your way to great abs. It"s easy lớn use và navigate the Stealth app. There are limited miễn phí games available. If you want access to all of the games, you must purchase a membership. Beware of smashing your fingers if you hold onlớn the edges.

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I love playing games, so naturally I was super intrigued lớn try a workout that enables me to game my way khổng lồ the perfect core. Stealth definitely delivers & is a fun, accessible way lớn achieve the abs of your dreams. Once you purchase Stealth, you"ll want lớn download the affiliated Stealth ứng dụng so you can start playing games. Once the ứng dụng is downloaded, you"ll create your personal protệp tin and then you can jump right into playing. The miễn phí membership allows access to lớn four different games: Galaxy Adventure, Speed Gliding, màu sắc Chase, và Space Escape.

The four không tính phí games are simple to lớn play and fun.

These four không lấy phí games are simple khổng lồ play & fun. All you need is a smartphone. You piông chồng your game, place it on the Stealth board, và off you go lớn gaming your perfect abs. My favorite games are màu sắc Chase & Space Escape, but all of them bring a little something different lớn the table. The Stealth app keeps tracks of your stats so you can see your streaks, best time, total time, best score, total score, and best game. There"s also a pretty prevalent online community & day, week, month, year, & all-time leaderboards so you can see how you staông chồng up next to other Stealth users. The Stealth community has thousands of members worldwide.

I lượt thích that you can join và create challenges on the Stealth ứng dụng. There are three different types of challenges: Endurance, Countdown, và Accumulated. Endurance is when time counts up. Countdown will have time counting down from a preset time, but time can increase daily. Accumulated is where a player must complete the required time daily, otherwise they will be removed from the challenge. This is a fun way khổng lồ compete with family, friends, or other Stealth users giving you added incentive & extra motivation lớn game your core.

Source: Nicolette Roux / obatambeienwasirherbal.com

I love how effective sầu this system is.

Stealth is an extremely effective sầu exercise because it requires you to lớn hold your body toàn thân in the plank position while you use it. Planking is one of the most effective sầu core exercises you can bởi, & you can expect khổng lồ see quick results if you commit to lớn planking every day. Plank strengthens all of your major abdominal muscles yes, but did you know it also strengthens your shoulders, chest, nechồng, glutes, quadriceps, và baông xã muscles? That"s right, plank is a power pose!

When it comes to lớn great abs, planking with Stealth is a surefire way to get there. Plank is great because it works all four muscle groups in the stomach. It targets your rectus abdominis (six-paông chồng abs), transverse abdominis (deep core stabilizing muscles), và the internal và external obliques (side abs). I love sầu Stealth because you"re gaming your way through long plank holds. It encourages extra-long holds và endurance so you can game your way lớn the perfect abs and have a lot of fun while you tone your physique.

Stealth review: What I don"t like

Source: Nicolette Roux / obatambeienwasirherbal.com

You get four miễn phí games when you purchase Stealth & tải về the Stealth tiện ích. If you want khổng lồ access any of the premium games, you need khổng lồ purchase the Stealth Premium membership. It only costs $25 a year and your membership unlocks all of the premium games, grants access to premium member challenges, và delivers exclusive sầu premium thành viên nội dung.

It"s not a huge expenditure, but I wish more không lấy phí games were available. There are 13 additional premium games if you purchase a Stealth membership. I lượt thích to ball my hands into lớn fists and balance on the surface of the board instead. Plus, balancing on top of the board intensifies the plank position.

Also, be weary of your fingers if you"re someone who likes khổng lồ grip the outer edges of the board. Stealth"s dynamic motion system will have you twisting, turning, and rotating 360-degrees, but if you tilt the board too far lớn the side, you run the risk of crushing your fingers between the board và the floor. When your full toàn thân weight is behind this motion, it really, really hurts. I highly recommend avoiding gripping the edge of the board for this reason.

Stealth review: Should you buy

Source: Nicolette Roux / obatambeienwasirherbal.com

You should buy this if ...

You"re a gamer

If you love sầu games, you"ll love sầu gaming your core with Stealth. You can access four games for không tính phí and unloông xã 13 additional premium games if you purchase an annual membership.

You want great abs

Stealth requires you to lớn hold your body in plank position for extended periods of time. This is one of the best core and total toàn thân exercises you can vì. Plank strengthens & tones the abs, arms, shoulders, low bachồng, glutes, legs, and calves. Building a strong core is the foundation of physical fitness.

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You"ve sầu got a smartphone

Stealth is designed to lớn accomodate smartphones of all sizes including Ultra, Plus, and Pro Max sizes.

You should not buy this if ...

You hate plank pose

The whole idea of Stealth is to lớn game your way to stronger muscles by holding plank position for extended periods of time.

You don"t have a smartphone

You"ll need a điện thoại thông minh to download và access the Stealth app where you can play games & keep traông xã of your stats.

You"re in your second or third trimester of pregnancy

While you can vị planks while you"re pregnant, it"s important to be cleared by your doctor first. Planking can cause excessive intra-adominal pressure, which can cause damage & strain lớn the deep core, including your pelvic floor. Most pregnant women are advised to lớn vì chưng modified plank work or khổng lồ hold off in their second & third trimesters.

Stealth is a fun, effective và easy way to game your core. Working with this system daily will strengthen và tone your abs, arms, shoulders, low baông xã, glutes, legs, và calves. The Stealth tiện ích is easy to lớn navigate, features four không lấy phí games, and there"s a large online community where you can compete, create, and join challenges with friends, family, và other Stealth users. You can also kiểm tra up on the day, week, month, year, and all-time leaderboards so you can see how you staông xã up against other Stealth users. On the downside, you only get four không tính tiền games. To unlock the 13 additional premium games, you must purchase a membership for $25 a year. Also, watch out for your fingers. Avoid or be extra cautious when gripping the edges of the board so your fingers don"t get crushed between the board and the floor.


Bottom line: Stealth is an accessible, fun, effective sầu way lớn game your way to lớn a strong physique.

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